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    The Official 2012 Festivals Thread

    outlook & global for me again, nass of course but anyone who pays to get in deserves to have a shit time because the actual festivals wack, also if your around bristol way this looks like a cool little festival to go to for 25 quid
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    This has boggled my mind...

    still dont get it
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    by far the best MC in the same, his flow and delivery is always perfect, imo his best performances are with djs like d-bridge, rockwell, icicle, break etc etc
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    Bournemouth drum and bass scene

    looks ill! need to find some heads to go with now
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    Bournemouth drum and bass scene

    hey just moved down to bournemouth for uni, i know a few nights like enter, subsoil, dub optic etc but im sure theres loads more anyone live in the area with some good info about more nights?
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    University Accommodation

    i have quite a few mates going to BU in 3 different halls and they said i could just crash at theirs and come to their parties and stuff all the time so i shouldnt be too bad off. plus i think my whole street is for students so it shouldnt be too hard to make friends. also i have a phat garden...
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    University Accommodation

    alllriiiiiight, so i just got my accommodation for uni sorted for my first year in Bournemouth but im not in halls :( im in a house with 4 other people, the advantage of it is that its slap bang in the middle of the city centre so i dont have to walk far from anything but im worried ill be out...
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    RAM Bournemouth + Critical Sound - 8th Oct

    3 weeks after i start uni at bournemouth, and a 2 minute walk from my accomodation, cant wait!
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    Anyone going to Outlook 2011?

    detonate and dispatch boat tickets i got siiiickkk! i fly out in 26 days
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    Is there any drum and bass nights on in Amsterdam from 8th - 16th August?

    im going there for that time period and wouldnt mind hitting up a club there an experiencing a dutch drum and bass night! havnt had much luck googling etc so i was wandering if anyone knew of anything on? cheers
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    @ armed

    mate i went to NASS last night for free, i think i was dancing literally next to you the whole of netskys set, wer eu wearing yellow sunglasses and a grey t shirt? id done 0.7 of md and was really worried how to pronounce your name armed or ar-med haha, i gace you some of my water though, i was...
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    Off to NASS this morning

    going tomorrow night, should be aite
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    has yet to be released...meant to be released today, where is ittttt???
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    Glastonbury d'n'b

    i missed this, may have been congo natty
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    Missing cat..

    my cats been missing for 4days, quite worrying but cats in the summer are ronound for sleeping in weird places and usually come back