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    Boycot - Fear of Noise

    decent trk.. what u use? reason?
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    My New Track Kaatsen (WIP) Feedback Appreciated.

    sounds gd!.. bass is decent, also drum n snare.. needs abit of movement tho.. try a suttel piano with loads of reverb maybe a dark pad?
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    Amnestic - Ethereal Killer (dark/DnB)

    track is def crystal clear everything is sounding perfect... only neg point i have is with the vibe, dont like the nursery rym intro and the drop is mad but u need the build up / vibe.. this is just my opinion bruv... what software u using? also how long u been producing? jaco
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    its only me!... built this track awhile ago would love some direction.. ;) Thanks
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    New track..

    Thanks Guys, will keep at it. =)
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    New track..

    Hello all, Little something i have been working on... please let me know what you think. Thanks
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    Wilkinson - Afterglow

    if anyone can tell me who the vocal artist is in this track i would be very grateful! Soz about the clip, all i could find.
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    prefer there first releases... latest stuff is overhyped! but yeah this pic is funny...
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    Hello, This weeks show, pretty decent one tbh.. all latest releases, liquid dark funk. get on it! Just a 45min clip from my show on 8-10PM Every Wednesday with MC Linkone UK... This was a decent show full of Dark Liquid Funk D&B.. All Brand New Releases. So check it out!
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    DnB Jacomelli & Linkone UK - Reaction Radio - 17APR13

    Hello all, one of our radio shows from this month.. havnt upped anything in a while so enjoy! Latest DNB, all styles... Liquid, Jumpup, Dark.. ;) DNB Share -
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    Jacomelli On Reaction Radio...

    Anyone wanna check this out... decent clip. will be playing tomorrow 8-10pm. ;)