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    Searching for this crazy song which has a lead that sounds crappy on purpose.....

    Hi, Currently I'm looking for a song which I've heared a couple of times at Drum&Bass parties. This song is kinda.....awkward in a sense. The lead melody sounds like a woodblock, which is really crappy and random, with off beat timing, like it has been composed by my three year old sister. It...
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    [Drum&Bass] J-pop - Without You (remake after feedback)

    Hi, After I got some feedback about the drums sounding too compressed/not fitting the style/not coming through, I made some edits, hopefully in the right way! If you have the time, please check it out:
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    J-pop - Without you [Drum and Bass] First track, I would love some feedback!

    Now that is definitely some constructive feedback I can work with, thanks everybody!
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    SKANK - Constructive criticism wanted!!

    I really like the buildup. Tambourine/shaker might be a bit too loud, but I'm not listening on proper speakers right now. As for the main bass sound. it's a bit too fiddly, feels like you are trying to make it sound better by using as much effects as you can think of. The kick sounds good to...
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    Drum & Bass Angela (Terra)

    Hi! I like the bass sound, the drums and the background sounds. As for critique: the second half of the drop the atmospheric pads come in again, which could be a good idea, but in my opinion they're a bit too prominent. When near the end of that phrase the shift up in pitch, that just doesn't...
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    (Neuro / Atmospheric) Al Capone - Temptation (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    Very nice, the chord progression after the main 'drop'! Like it very much! And for the low bass, I think will indeed be shaking the club systems. It really fits to create a deep vibe. Like it! If you could give some feedback on my track as well, would be great! Totally different tune btw :)
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    Drum & Bass First Electronic/DNB track - opinions?

    At 2:13 the breakdown comes to soon for me, I was just liking the vibe! The drum roll before the bass kicks in is very nice, and the ambient sounds as well! Overall levels seem good IMO. Apart from Vengeance and Loopmasters, I really like the BHK sample packs, especially the L.E.D.M. pack...
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    J-pop - Without you [Drum and Bass] First track, I would love some feedback!

    Hi, I've been trying to learn the production thingy for about 1-1,5 year now, and I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. It's my first track which I finished (and put up online) so I'd love to get some feedback!!! I'll definitely will give some feedback to others around here!
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    Hi! I'm Jakob

    Hi! My friends call me J-pop, so that had to be my DJ-name; but I have no connection with the music genre whatsover. 8-) I finally finished my first track, which I will post in the New talent and Track Reviews Section, so please go there and listen to the song, I'd love some feedback (Of...