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  • why do you put your AIM in your sig instead of in the bar with user info next to every post? The clickable logo?
    hmmm, i trie to go wide. From ragga jungle to jump up in drum and bass, from borgore to benga in dubstep. Depends on mood, but still love to listen to everything the scene has to offer.
    But i'll get crackin with my homework though. It's 23.00 in belgium, and i haven't done shit. :(

    cheers mate
    18 the day after tomorrow. Been fooling around with cd players and a mixer when i was a kid, nothing big though. Just fucking around.
    But dnb and dubstep, i'm in love with it. It embraces me. ;)
    it fucking sucks mate. I've got to let all my real interests behind too because of work. :/
    How old are you?
    i just can't keep at it you know.
    Always trying to find other shit to pass the time with.
    Before you know it's fucking late and you still ain't got shit done.
    Day after day, just ruined. Fxcking hate it!
    nah mate, i've started mixing once, but finding time for it is just hard.
    Coursework ruins my everyday life.
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