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  • sound mate, I've got a dodgy rip of it on my computer but, I don't think you'd get away with playing it out or anything.
    Seems I came too late so :p The idea was pretty good. Yet, there still is the main forum, I'll take a look at promising stuff once I have my track finished. Hope not in one more year :)
    Is there some kind of soundcloud group to seek some belgian dnb ?
    Hello. Got your message one year after :D Sorry for the activity gap I'm not an active forum user simply because I don't like to waste people time when I can do otherwise. I got great feedbacks last time and it was exactly what I needed. The community here is great !
    Yup, The Be in my nickname is because I'm from belgium, I'll join the group and keep an eye on this site more often now :) No problem about the language, moreover I suppose you speak Dutch, what I don't do at all (shame on me :)) so it's way better for me :p

    Thanks again and sorry for the late reply. Big Up !
    i dont think i know who it is but i can promise you its a uk person meaning he speaks but one language which is english and poorly, you know, if its meant to emulate the way i write on our forum its barely literate ffs
    hey buddy, just a quick blah blah you know that twitter account? its not me. its so well acted out and clever that i feel shamey even discrediting it but its not me. im not on twitter, thats someone else. just like facebook, you know the oirsjgeftedf./
    Alright fella, yea not too bad man, how u been? Not on AIM or anything I'm afraid man, only really go on a computer at work tbh..
    Cheers. Sick of people always ass licking artists, and being too scared to say a tune theyve put out is utter wank. Sure, the artist might have produced some proper bangers, and should be respected, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt give feedback on what we think, otherwise the artist will think theyre doing something right, and the bangers stop getting releases, and out comes more shit. =P.
    Ah yeah i know man. Havn't been so active lately as i've been very bussy, did lots of huge gigs tho ;).
    I'm looking for work atm, so i'm able to get a ticket for dour.. Really dont wanna miss it ;o
    s' funny cuz I didn't change it to look like that. It is pretty awful tho. Guess somebody's trying to be cute
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