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  • Easy mate, come over and check out Disfunktional Radio. we have loads of live shows - 50 hours every week of top talent playing most genres of music, we also have free slots available and are interested in Djs from all over the world. there is lots of DnB on the radio station, many of the djs being regular posters on this site (Controller, Kemzino , Wellsy (DJ MASHley) , Perspective , Nuttynyce , Nick Ep)........... Please sign upto our forums too and get to know some of the djs, signing up will also unlock the mixes archive for you so you can DL mixes and also upload your own for feedback. When you listen into live shows, be sure to come in the chat room for requests / shoutouts from the DJ.
    those interested in a slot should email tony@disfunktional-radio.co.uk
    Homepage: www.disfunktional-radio.co.uk

    hey.. i figured y it wasnt working the file name had both .m4a and .mp3 at the extension so u need to delete one of them lol
    dude, your lucky im not banning you. that shit in the chatbox is fucking uncalled for.
    yh safe as man...been gettin a lot more hits 2day...full track listing is now on aswel.
    aint doin nothin 2day really m8
    il be up the flat later tho...u doin anythin this weekend?
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