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    Incorporating External Processing Hardware into your Production Setup

    What DAW are you in? Ableton has an "External Audio Effect" device which is designed for this. I havent had a whole lot of luck using it though, mainly down to my soundcard, it doesnt support Insert loops. You might need to invest in quite a high end soundcard to properly route your audio, my...
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    Producing liquid drum and bass

    liquid is good fun, i like producing it myself too. I'll let LSB do the tutoring though: hopefully youve heard of LSB, that particular track is absolutely incredible. Aside from all those little tricks, sample old records, listen to old shit, go check out and search...
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    Drum & Bass Bloom - Dom & Roland, Theory & more - May 1st, Derby Mayday,'s Bloom's 5th birthday! (It's also literally mayday). We're extremely pleased to announce the headliner for our 5th birthday! We're bringing to Derby the mighty........Dom & Roland! Massive, massive times in Derbados...
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    Alix Perez x Ivy Lab EP

    Anyone else buy the vinyl? My A/B side is not the right record . . . Just 8 mins of bongos on either side, fucking gutted tbf. Mailed support@databeats but I'm guessing theyre quite busy by the sounds of it.
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    Ableton 9.5 out!

    A note for anyone upgrading; I've had some serious issues with projects coming from 9.2 to 9.5. Hard crashes in most cases, no clue as to why theyre screwed. The only option is to carry on working on them in 9.2 unless you render out stems and start a new projetc.
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    PC setup/Monitor Speakers Question

    you could probably run with a 3.5mm to phono cable from your pc tower to the rca inputs on the monitors, at least until youve found a suitable soundcard. as for a soundcard, get one with at least 2 TRS/XLR ins and 2 TRS/XLR outs (which is most of them), you can never have too many though. Its...
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    Ivy Lab LP

    what an odd collection of music. I either feel stupid for not getting it or its way too high-brow for my tastes, and i listened to Tool for the entirety of my teens.
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    'Future'/Recent Jungle - Production tips for new break manipulation etc

    i think the crispness youre referring to is simply down to EQ on your drums. Try using an analogue modeled eq to boost the tops on the drums 10k up a few db. You should also have a crack with a transient shaper on there. pull down the sustain a bit and add a little attack. that should clean them...
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    FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in released!!

    that looks excellent! A nice visual upgrade from its predecessor
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    How do you guys do your intro pads?

    samplers mate, they are your friend, use them for pads and ting. I'd recommend Kontakt for a standard sampler, its quite epic in scope but the raw sounds that come with are incredible. For a granular sampler try out alchemy, theyve gone bust now but you can still get hold of the computer music...
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    Drum & Bass Free liquid dnb tunes!

    Ez all, I've been busy opening up all the archives, stuff thats finished but hasnt found a home and put it all up on my bandcamp, for free! Its all liquid dnb, polished up and reasonably mastered. Hop on over and check it out :)
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    Fanu x Coleco - Bristol–Helsinki EP

    lol, I only recently learned of your distaste for the term 'drumfunk'. I will stand corrected and call it something more generic from now on :p
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    Technimatic - Flashbulb EP - Shogun Audio

    I do love technimatic, this is a little too samey for me though. Id love them to come out with some of the more ambient stuff they had on their album.
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    Drum & Bass Howitzer & Kotchd - Rubiks

    Thanks for all the comments guys :) If you really like them you can click through to my bandcamp page where I ask for a few pennies in return for these two tunes ive broken my back over. These tunes will not see a release anywhere else, ever.
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    Fanu x Coleco - Bristol–Helsinki EP

    Epic, love the drum funk!