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    thats the one bro. nice one :) anyone know any release info on it?
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    Sorry don't have any audio or even a track name but does anyone know any info of an Interface tune which has been gettin play from DJ's like Ruffstuff, Sub Zero & Bryan Gee?
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    Dj Sly & Riddla @ Kool London - 2011/10/16

    ill have some of this =D
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    DnB Tyke - Infected Headphones

    serious tune. watch out for the forthcoming album
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    DnB Coming Soon - Murda EP - Murda Sound Recs

    big up the murda sound crew
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    Crissy Criss, MZ Bratt, Tyke, Konichi & Decimal, Mblaze @ BBC 1Xtra M1X - 2011/09/29

    Re: Crissy Criss, MZ Bratt, Tyke, Konichi & Decimal, Mblaze @ BBC 1Xtra M1X - 2011/09 yes please. some tracks on there I wana listen too :) Big up Tyke, Konichi & Decimal Bass ---------- Post added at 18:17 ---------- Previous post was at 17:59 ---------- cant download as apparently ive...
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    big up darx and the high r8 crew
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    IC3 birthday bass video!!

    this video is jokes. Make it down to the bday bash people and show support to Hooverine himself
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    Original Sin - Move (Something different!!!!!!)

    Not long now for this. Wanna hear all the tracks
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    Dj Hype @ Kiss 100 - 2011/09/29

    ill be pickin this up as always
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    Headphone length

    I went with the 3m. The tangling does annoy me but I also dont wanna be pulling the mixer off the stage when I turn around. Did want the coiled one but dont really want to spend £50 on a headphone wire. Especially when this is the 3rd one ive bought!
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    DnB BREAKIN SCIENCE presents BATTLE ROYALE – THE SEQUEL - Sat 22nd October

    Breakin Science at the Coronet is a guaranteed banger. See ya there people :)
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    New High Contrast tune

    yeh liking this track. can see it growing on me more. good for the mix!!