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    Drum & Bass Rollers - GRID at Bucharest pressure

    TL: Technimatic – True believer Whiney – Fever Break & DLR – City slickers Circuits & Synth Ethics – Beg SPY – Dubplate style Bou – Wine ya b Enei & Kasra – Transmission Circuits – FHIT Break – Jungle desire Insomniax – One more time SPY – Breathing underwater Marcus Visionary – Real warrior...
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    Everybody loves the sunshine

    Nice one. Didn't sound distorted in my monitors, I figure distortion should be there at any volume though. Glad you like the bass :)
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    Everybody loves the sunshine

    There is a bootleg played by Skankandbass I thought I could make for myself instead of waiting for it to be in never. I really liked the beat so I kept that, switched it up in the second section of the first drop. I also used two different versions of the original funk tune, both...
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    Grid @ Active Boyz Show hosted by Kamal

    Denney - Low Frequency (Culture Shock rmx) DC Breaks - Underground Slipz - Keyboard warrior Break - Who got da funk Benny L - Bullfighter (Serum rmx) Dimension - UK Loadstar - Guerilla Culture Shock - Pandemic Dimension - Generator Filthy Habits - Artificial Intelligence Emperor -...
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    Icicle DNB60 Classics mix

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    Dimension - In Bleach

    actually in bleach is just a semitone higher than piano dark.
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    Hamilton & MC GQ & 5 Alive @ Moondance NYE 2014

    there is none provided, sorry.
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    Dillinja sounding tune

    yea, it's 82'50'' on the embedded player, sorry. i took the time directly from soundcloud site.
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    Dillinja sounding tune

    i hear the mc going "dj turno" so maybe it could be one of turno's tunes..dunno.
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    Dillinja sounding tune

    well, its not at 1hr22, thats mind vortex, its at 1hr22m30s. it may not sound like dillinja, but it sounds like that to me, it doesnt mean it is a dillinja, im just interested in what it could be.
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    Dillinja sounding tune

    Its the tune from 1:22:50. sounds like dillinja to me, can anyone ID it?
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    BBC Radio 1Xtra DnB Soundclash

    does anyone know what the first tune in the Netsky minimix was? it's at 53:40 on the soundcloud link, just before the chemical brothers remix by metrik.
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    Supreme Being - Innovation In The Dam 2013

    is there a tracklist for the supreme being set? i'm interested in 25'30"