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    SUPERBOWL 46!!!

    yeah its gunna be good. want the giants to win but think the pats will take it, purely cus they didn't manage it last time.
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    i haven't been on here for a while but i wouldn't mind being a mod. Dunno who any of these new guys are though. I have worked out that no one seems to like armed though
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    The cuntish cunting cunts at the DSA are cunts.

    i failed many times (4 to be exact). i had this shitty little fiat cinquecento and realised a week later i had done the test after both the MOT and insurance had expired.
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    bring back fesssssssssssssssss ....

    i think, like me, fess has resorted to lurking.
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    happy birthday geez!
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    graduate this time next year in economics. should be on a 1st/2.1 depending on how well next year goes. planning to go into finance so its useful in some respects but think they mostly just want you to have a degree in anything. job sectors looking bleak though1
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    degree classifications

    i heard that in some places if you get around 69 they bring you in and interview you to determine whether you are 1st worthy. remarks take up too much time
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    Girls That Look Like Skrillex

    som of dem wuld get bangd do, still
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    10,000 posts!!

    wonder what those people are up to now. could be fine up-standing citizens hurrying their kids off to school, shouting 'bye dear' to their wives as they head off to the office, all the while oblivious that we are here looking at something they posted ten years ago in a section of the forum that...
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    best run club in the country though. who cares about trophy's anyway, they're overrated
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    i dont know what the problem is, im really enjoying this. as ali said, lets get tor'd up and explore
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    yup, lemme take your money
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    anyone watching this shit??

    best race ive seen in a long time. what a fucking finish!
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    DrumAndBase decent songs

    troll. level: advanced