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    New Jump Up Dnb track [The Reaper]working title

    the love that beat, its sounds Tight!! bass sounds are nice n evil to :)
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    New Hardcore Drum & Bass

    heavy tune, liking the fx
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    Commix - Satellite Type 2 (Nuera Remix)

    i like your take on it! nice work :)
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    Impact- JungleTing

    i'm liking this, especially the way the drums kinda stop n start! nice production
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    Commix - Satellite Type 2 (Minty Rust Remix)

    funky remix! im liking the new bass you've introduced :)
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    Revised edit of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

    sounds dark man, nice and atmospheric to and its got a good swing/swagga to it! nice one :)
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    Vidual - Implosion ||| Neurofunk

    the drop at 1.10 does it for me! nice and heavy. crazy tune hope you can post the full track up soon!
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    Fuzz2k - Nebula - jumpup

    hey, another tune from me Feedback always welcome! bigupz
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    2 NEW DNB TRACKS - feedback wanted

    i listened to e-total the bass is excellent!! if the drums sounded clearer the tune would be badass :)
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    SWITCH FUSION - ""Mindlapse"

    nice tune, sounds epic! some good pumping bass sounds as well :)
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    vst for piano sounds?

    edirol orchestral is good for all live instruments!!
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    Fishy - Deep Connection

    beautiful intro man, love the piano's :) a nice tune to zone out to!
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    Fuzz2k - Stinger - Jumpup

    i feel you, the whole thing fails if people dont leave feedback. cheers for the comment man. Thanks every1 else also! yea, need to get the drums a bit more pumping, lets the tune down a little..
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    jonl - Jupiter

    beautiful track! jus need some switch ups in there as well. loving the lengthy pads btw
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    Critical Waves - Trouble (Halftime Tune)

    the drums n percussion are ace! sub comes thru nicely to. good work bro!