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  • super cool mate! ;) nah it takes a lot of time til any packages arrive to my country - estonia. usually about 2 weeks.

    and yea, i don't regret getting back to wax at all. when i was on dvs i was constantly thinking of the times when it was just me, 2 decks, a mixer and some vinyl. i was like in my own world when i had those headphones on, mixing tunes. i discovered that with dvs there was no such thing. it was cold and soulless having a computer attached - i wasn't concentrating on music rather than on my laptop so at one point i started thinking "wtf is this shit?". it wasn't fun anymore. + i had so many problems with traktor. sometimes it took about 20 minutes til i was able to start mixing, where's with vinyl it takes 3 seconds to turn your mixer and decks on and ready to go basically. you never rely on any software at all.

    peace out :D
    i listened to your mix earlier, nice to see you've gone back to vinyl, expensive (suppose you did get a free spor plate today :) ) yet rewarding, totally different to your last sets with the dvs. i listen again either later or tomorrow and write some proper feedback in thread. Fair few tunes i didnt know and would like to bag myself! p.s. where in europe are you from Kristjan? peace Dan
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