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    Black Comedy (Dark Dub)

    cheers fellaz
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    Black Comedy (Dark Dub) enjoy
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    New Track - Know!

    This is very dramatic. Would like to hear the arp without the pads for some off the tune. I think pads stop a track from breaking down fully. Nice production on this one
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    subclash - so good (danceflorr/liquid)

    Good work mate. I rekon a fatter snare and you are there. Not my genre really, but this sounds pretty sweet
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    Mind Bender/Neurofunk Pre-release by Tarek-FM

    Nice werk fella. sweet production.
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    Daft Punk--Revolution (Fratanize drunken stepper remix) peace out
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    Fracture.... Dark dubs and Sherlock Holmes enjoy
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    Delirium- Silence (dark edit) Fratanize Remix enjoy
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    Renegade master (Frat remix)

    Have i sold out? lol. cheers mate
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    Renegade master (Frat remix)

    thanks for the comments, will maybe knock up a version with a less dramatic intro.
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    Renegade master (Frat remix)

    thanks fella