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    8-10pm The Mutant DJs with special guests MCs Mekar and Gusto

    10-12am S.U.B

    Make sure you tune in bro!

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    Hello mate, thanks for all the feedback recently, you're a star :D.
    I'm looking to get some new software that runs on mac, like reason logic blah blah... but alternative ways... you get me?
    Didn't think I should start a topic about it, as it's normally against the rules in forums, hope u dont mind me asking, thanks agaiin :3
    I dunno man, I'm not really much of a production supremo, I'm sure you know more about it than me, just thought you'd appreciate the feedback and that somebody else may be able to help with the specifics (somebody who is better at this kid of thing than me) - tell you what I'll hook up the link to a mate of mine who knows his way round production kit better than me and I'm sure he'll be able to give some feedback on why it's clipping like that... I dunno maybe it's something simple like rolling back all the levels a bit and fucking with input/putput volumes... Just in case he asks what did you make it on?

    With regards to mastering, It's fairly expensive so I'd hold off on that for now as if you get it signed the record label should be able to help out with that...
    wicked fella thanks. Got some decent free shit off it. A good voice changer that i have used on my new track.
    cheers ears..... get back to work you slacker.
    did u check that site bruv?

    any good to ya?
    yeh bruv no the feelin iv had to start again cuz fruity kept fuckin up am now struggling wiv cubase lol but im after reason really.will add u on aim.
    ez m8 iv got a rough version of my firsta attempt ata tune up its nowhere near what it will be when its finished but would appreciate it if u cud av a listen and tell me what u think so far

    Big up yaself!!Good work with the autistic dude,a very worthy occupation.You are obviously a lot more patient than I am cosI wouldnt be able to do it.RESPECT!
    also checked ur reverbnation but alot of the tunes wudnt play 4 sum reason still luvin 140 shottah tho.

    how did u make that intro was that ur own little drum loop or as it from a pack?
    want sum nice punchy ones but not too tinny if ya get me.
    ez m8 have u got any tips where i can dl sum nice snares and such like?

    im using the psitek pack atm.
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