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  • i have no clue where im posting this but im always down for a collab peeps, i like to do dark dnb or dubstep, but anything else would be fine also.
    I have AIM, it's Roadrunnerr21, and yep, sending back and forth sounds good, but I'm in the middle of some exams right now, so we could either do it once they're all done, or start now and do small fragments at a time. It's up to you :D My soundcloud is www.soundcloud.com/roadrunnerr
    Everything I do ends up as quite chilled and liquidy for some reason, even though I try to make it quite dark minimal O.o So liquid sounds fine to me
    Yeah sure, but just to let you know, I work fairly slowly compared to other people O.o
    Oh. And I'm a bit crap.

    But i'm up for a collab, what sort of style do you tend to make?
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