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    Drum & Bass I had a rat in my kitchen...

    Yo thanks for the feedback ! :D Oh yeah with a fresh ear i see/hear what you mean. I will work on my composition to avoid these clusters. Really helpful. (y)
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    Drum & Bass I had a rat in my kitchen...

    Inspiring experience. Maybe i screwed up the compression in this one. Tell me what you think
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    Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated

    These vocals are priceless man. I dig this wobbly bass in this alot. Really unique vibe aswell. The drums could be a bit louder to my taste.
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    Hurlant Chamber - Tonnage

    Really punchy snare ! The mixing is great. I would recommend to make more varations of the mid bass to alternate a bit more but other then that its pretty cool !
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    Breakbeat Something different

    Tnak Thank you :D ! I will
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    Breakbeat Something different

    Thanks for the Feedback ! I will work on my transitions. I often have problems with them so i tried something more abrupt but i see that this one falls off pretty harsh.
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    Objectiv – Vermin Ft. MC XL (PATHOGEN REMIX)

    The composition is so dope man. I think the sub elements in general are a little bit to quite for such a banger.
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    K2T - Elder Spirit EP - Detached Audio

    What a mood filled production. The harmonics are really delicious in Hoarfrost. The hardness of the drums in kingdom suprised me but i like it quite alot. Great mixing/mastering also. (y)
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    Robad - So High

    I really like the athmosphere and morphing synths. I have to add on that this is pretty unique and uplifting. Great work
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    Breakbeat Something different

    Im a hobby producer. I would love to hear some criticism and feedback. Thanks a lot :)
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    Drum & Bass Absent - Without You (Liquid) - Feedback appreciated !

    This rising bass is really something. It has the sound of a liquid/jungle esque tune to it but it also really has its own thing going too. Pretty memorable.
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    Really unique style of structure (to my ears atleast) which is pretty cool. Really feels more like a mini mix with one cohessive feeling of chillness and creativity. This screeching sound is not my cup of tea but thats on me. Also the ending is really nice !
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    Drum & Bass New EP 'Darkness'

    These mids my god. I think skin job is my favorite
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    A dormant little project

    Maybe when it comes to the second main part you can add another layer of cymbals to mixup the rythm a bit and let it flow more. I really like the athmosphere.