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    Drum & Bass Absent - Without You (Liquid) - Feedback appreciated !

    This rising bass is really something. It has the sound of a liquid/jungle esque tune to it but it also really has its own thing going too. Pretty memorable.
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    Really unique style of structure (to my ears atleast) which is pretty cool. Really feels more like a mini mix with one cohessive feeling of chillness and creativity. This screeching sound is not my cup of tea but thats on me. Also the ending is really nice !
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    Drum & Bass New EP 'Darkness'

    These mids my god. I think skin job is my favorite
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    A dormant little project

    Maybe when it comes to the second main part you can add another layer of cymbals to mixup the rythm a bit and let it flow more. I really like the athmosphere.
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    new roller any feedback would be much appreciated

    This is quite impressive. The mastering also. I really didnt expect this kind of low harmonics drop.
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    Hey. :D Im currently studying and didn`t have much time to produce but i will surely will upload...

    Hey. :D Im currently studying and didn`t have much time to produce but i will surely will upload something in the future . ;)
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    Impact - The Lost City (Smooth, Rolling Liquid)

    So interesting and personal :o Very cool tune (especially the harmonys for me )
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    Drum & Bass untitled_v3-016 -- 3 questions >> DAKHLA SKIES

    Hey. I really like melodic track`s like this from you (y) 1.The bass (the sub part of it) is really defined and comes through clearly and warm. Also the mid bass starting at 3:00 is ducking other elements a bit. 2.The higher freq. to my taste are too loud in the 5000 freq. range which give it a...
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    Drum & Bass Gunshots

    I like the cymbals and effects in this one . Really cool vibe ! Also the melody is so fitting with the feeling.
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    Half tempo Wip, looking for advices

    Wow this sounds amazing. :o Is this still dnb? Just beeing curious. The Sounds are all so present and the mid side splitting of the sounds is really pleasing and controlled. Really great sound quality. Nothing big to add here besides maybe what`s already said about the melody :teeth:
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    Drum & Bass Preview of new liquid track

    This sounds cool already ! I would recommend to control the panning of the sidechained synth which plays the long notes so that it doesn`t go from left to right but stays in his place. (but this might be absolute personal preference). I like the shuffling modulated sound later on . Looking...
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    Drum & Bass SAKURA DROPS

    Great melodical track :D(y) I think the drum varitons in this track are really good. I really like the part (starts at 2:12) where you use this frequencie shifted synth. So flubbery :razz: .The verb vocal is a nice touch but i would recommend to maybe do some little sound or synth that follows...