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    Music For Lovers

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    Bass Bud

    sequel, the other one is the second one after this...third incoming
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    Bass Bud (escapade 2)

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    Bass Bud

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    Bass Alibi - You (Governmentfun Remix)

    yea it was just fired together, the vocal stems aren't that good to be honest, they're hopelessly out of tune in bits, i haven't had the chance to mix it down on speakers yet, it was all made on headphones late last night...i said to myself if i still like it in the morning i might work on it...
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    Techno as you can probably tell...

    i'm feeling my electro at the min here
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    Drum & Bass my track "psychology"

    poor little soytits is just upset that he got banned from every forum
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    Drum & Bass my track "psychology"

    glad it got on your tits, you seem experienced in being boring
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    Not dnb but a new track from me

    this won't be for everyone here as it's Electro hope you like it
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    Fanu presents Ableton Live Basics video (4,5h)

    can vouch that this is good, haven't even been all the way through it and have learned so much
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    Drum & Bass new track from me

    here hope you like it
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    Drum & Bass my track "psychology"

    i think you got lost in your translation