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    Dawn Wall / Mohican Sun / Timothy Burke Sweepstake

    Not sure if anyone's picked up on this/is making guesses anymore but I have a feeling Edlan has a connection to Dawn Wall. There's a couple of similarities in some of his music also noting that he recently signed a tune to the label out of nowhere, coincedence? If you listen at about 1:17 in...
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    Drum & Bass Fokuz Bootleg Artist IDs

    Suggestions is by Anthony Kasper, had been released a while ago but hadn't been out on vinyl:
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    Favourite double drops

    Logistics - Crystal Skies >>> Urbandawn - Babylon Prepare Serious badness right here [Starts at 1:24]
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    Looking at getting Ortofon Concordes, best type?

    I have a set of Pro S cartridges, they're really reasonably priced. I don't have the full concordes but the cartridges themselves are really good!
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    Drum & Bass EDH Liquid DnB Selection Mix

    Thanks for listening!
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    Drum & Bass EDH Liquid DnB Selection Mix

    Thanks for taking time to listen and thanks for the feedback! all appreciated :)
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    Drum & Bass EDH Liquid DnB Selection Mix

    Rookie mistake, but it's up now, thanks
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    Drum & Bass EDH Liquid DnB Selection Mix

    I recorded this back in January and sat on it for a while, it's my first full length mix using my CDJs. I'd love any feedback and if you want a download send me a dm on soundcloud, I can send a link over. Tracklist: 01. Fred V & Grafix - Downpour 02. Logistics - Take Me To Another World (feat...
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    Forthcoming Spearhead Records

    Anyone know the vocalist on Karma?
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    True Romance

    Right, might seem like an odd topic but just been enjoying a mix and towards the end rather sneakily, in comes the classic 'True Romance' by DBridge and Vegas. It's such an iconic track and I've found it always finds itself being placed in so many mixes basically blending perfectly! So my...
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    cheap controllers that can use usb sticks

    CDJ 400s are a good shout, they're not too expensive if you grab them secondhand off gumtree or ebay. They have usb functionality although they're fairly old so you can't use too many tracks to one drive. they have really cool Jog wheel effects which are fun to play about with too. Next best...
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    Favourite double drops

    Fred V & Grafix - Downpour >>> Logistics - Take Me To Another World, bring the Logistics in after the first phrase and it matches perfectly.
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    Drum & Bass Upcoming Albums of 2017

    Taken him years to output all that music last year, probably cleared his hard drive out for another 5 years:lol_board
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    Drum & Bass Upcoming Albums of 2017

    Just an interesting one, Hannah Eve is releasing an album on Soul Trader. Already a single on the horizon with Phil Tangent and Philth!
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    Pioneer or Numark

    I've only been mixing for a year or two but would really recommend going for Pioneer. It's much easier to use and even from basics to club standard the layouts are really consistent. I bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro II for myself last year, and using Serato, I found it really helpful for getting...