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  • Yo mate. Quick question. Any idea why when recording through the line in on my m audio 2496 it is about half the volume it should be even with audacity recording at full volume???
    Dont worry about previous comments mate, all sorted now and sounded beautiful! Thanks for all your help man muchos appreciation!
    oh and also it is reading the decks in the output of my soundcard in the m audio software (i got the 2496 like you recommended)
    yo mate hows it goin? Wanted to ask you about plugging my monitors into my pc to use for dj'ing and producing (i wrote a thread and you replyed a month or 2 ago). Cant seem to figure it out though, ive done soundcard out >> line in and soundcard in << RCA unbalanced master. And it is reading the decks perfectly. But i cant figure out how to get the tunes from my pc playing out the speakers? Anything im missing?
    Hey DTR. I love your sets. Where can I download your latest ones? I have everything up to 16th March.
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