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    DnB Want to try sampling and old vinyl or recording. Any tips?

    You should be able to use some kind of tuning plugin to get the samples key or try even playing with the sample to find the key and tune to what you need. as for tempo I believe your on the right track with half time sample I could be mistaken though.
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    new to the forum

    Hey Cursa, Big fan of that Connections tune you did, dropped that one lots at parties. Big Ups from Canada.
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    DnB New To DNB Forum

    Thanks for the reply! I am working on 7 as of a couple weeks ago, really digging it so far. I've done a bit of work with CV and combinators so far but nothing exstensive. Any tips for beginning to experiment with CV and Modulation Routing? Obviously to achieve mods from LFO to certain params...
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    DnB New To DNB Forum

    Hey guys new to DNB forum, just wanted to introduce myself. Wondering how many of you use Reason to produce? Looking to advance my skillset in production. I'm fairly new to the game and eager to learn. If anyone has any tips for Reason or DNB production in general, I'm always looking for new...