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    D.T's Pack Thread

    Ez bruv the track you're talking about is called Evil Streets by Capital J. Actually managed to get my hands on the dnb pack from this night a couple of months back with the kenny set but don't have a tape player at present..still aint listened myself!
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    TELEPATHY – 20TH ANNIVERSARY Choppah b2b Fatality 23.10.2010

    Yes bruv!absolutely sick night!you know if theres a pack comin out/any other sets floatin about?
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    Does anyone know whos playin carnival this year?? Matrix/CMC stage in particular but any other names would be good to know about.
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    shit..old thread
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    Flyin Squad 7x Cd Packs + DVD OUT NOW

    Pack sounds sick mate but 25 quid bit steep innit?
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    Logan d Bday bash

    when n where was this rave?line up looks pretty huge compared to the usual bar rhumba affair
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    ORIGIN FM: Mickey Finn B2b Jumpin Jack Frost / Ray Keith - 2010/06/09

    FUCK that track at 17mins - savage rehab remix of old bad company tune (forget da name?) is one of the dirtiest tracks i ever heard!!check that shit!
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    telepathy eksman and shabba yardie and 5 alive

    wikid set.does anyone have an i.d. on the 2nd track?
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    [SET REQUEST] Logan D & Majistrate w Eksman,Herbzie & Tonn Piper on DNBTV Live

    Heard this on youtube..dirty set.does anyone have a link to audio?
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    Foxy & Fatman

    Heres a few for ya mate,all proper sick sets Zinc@Innovation Festive Special 2002 Fierce@One Nation 2002 R-Type@Best of British DnB Fest 2002 Playa@Best of British DnB...
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    What is the greatest Intro tune of all time???

    Brockie & Ed Solo - System Check Bad Company - Elm Street J Majik - Silence remix Ed Rush & Optical - Hacksaw
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    Slammin Vinyl Outdoor Experience 2003

    Would love to hear that tape again got robbed from a houseparty time ago
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    Dizzee Rascal - Holiday (Nero Remix)

    Yo beg we start a petition to get dizzee back on a drum n bass set.....cant believe the only one is that is that ruffstuff,skibba,fun sick...need to hear more of that!
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    shit!both these sets are fuckin bangin!usually bit disappointed by recent innovation n breakin science packs but this packin rarer tune selections n sick mcin!def worth the download!
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    BIG Bundle Of Garage Sets For The People Looking For Garage

    Dunno too much about garage so not sure what maxwell d sounds like but this is a pay as u go set with dizzee and wiley and coupla others mcs so give it try