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    [ richie stix ] - majic man remix!!!

    yeah a few fills here and there mate wouldnt hurt im surprised you done this on a home stereo impressed! but iv listen to it a couple more times on rokit 6s defo need more sub mate but sounds wicked. plus does anyone actually know where these vocals originaly come from?
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    [ richie stix ] - majic man remix!!!

    yeah i like this alot could do with some more fills in places and turn the bass up alittle thats just my opinion but yeah i like :-) nearly finished mine aswell ;-)
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    first dnb track // PLS FEEDBACK

    For first attempt mate not bad but needs work, im not really feeling the drums maybe cut up a loop to roll behind yours, plus i think fragments is rite sounds to happy! imo if you made your bassline dirty and louder it would balance the mood abit more. Good work mate :-)
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    Modiefied Motion & Faction - Magic Man- Evasion Remix// Feedback needed!!!

    the idea is really good man but bass is lacking need more sub in there! imo
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    DOUBLE TROUBLE - UNTITLED (unfinished)

    were still working on this 1 people so any comments or feedback would be appreicated thanx!
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    New tune, looking for feedback

    miszt said it all mate wicked track tho!
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    My New Tune !!! DRUM & BASS

    yeh this track got proper character mate! imo needs more bass man and alittle work on the mixdown but yeah feeling it!
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    Fishy - Sweet Cheese

    oh yeah, I like :-)
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    Steeze - Monkey Man [Dark Neuroish track]

    yeah i like this man nice track!
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    John Miszt - Dark Dreams (Minimal/Neuro)

    Yes miszt this is the best bassline ive heard in ages mate plus i like the constant roll of the drums i think it suits the track!
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    Sample pack with 100 .wav files!

    just downloaded man nice 1 mate!
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    KRK Rokit 6's - good for dnb/dubstep production?

    iv got the rockit 6's there wicked mate i would say leave the 5inch and get the 6's defo!
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    ha ha iv actually got this on single lol on the other hand totally forgot they were called...

    ha ha iv actually got this on single lol on the other hand totally forgot they were called double trouble!
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    cheers lads thanks for the feedback @ fishy glad your liking the drums on this 1 mate lol bit gutted you didnt like the bass fort it sounded nice? what do you think would av made it better man
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    Latest track from us guys let us know what you think