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    All Mc's.....

    im up for some lyrical battles if ne1 else is
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    profile cd tune

    does anybody know the name of the tune that is on the profile cd of mc convention the rematch. it comes in when shabba chats "back from lanzerote" then profile reloads it. shabba chats the build up to the drop with "life aint safe in tha mana". then skiba rinses it on the drop.
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    tune id

    does any body know the name of this tune its a bit similar to 'world of change' by mampi swift ( flipside of 'zion' ) just before the drop there are some vocals in a dark voice that say something along the lines of "(sixty?) shipwreck" . im not sure what the first word is.
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    I need a new name!

    something original that appeals to u and maybe describes u. something original like: ballistic frowse dog that drops bare pills heavy name what!
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    tune id #2

    dus any 1 know who what da name of that tune is i fink its quite old and its played by bad company alot . first tune on the bad company tape from accelerated culture 9 summer festival edition, ic3 and skibba chat to it. ill try and describe it: a posh voiced bloke at start of it is talking...
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    tune id

    cheerz bruv
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    tune id

    does anyone know the name of this tune and who by. at the start there is some bloke saying ; "leeds, rinsed it, birmingham, rinsed it, bristol gotta rinse it".