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  • mate, last Sunday, in Edenbridge down our wall we had: BLAZE, KEMS, SKORE, OKER, SEIZE and smashed the whole thing, Skore did one of the sickest peices ive ever seen man, did like bricks exploding in the background n stuff it look insane! you got my number mate, gimme a bell im always up for painting, and ive always got shit loads of paint!
    that AEM geezer thinks hes big dont he lol - hes a fuckin toy and hes got a lot of pieces to lose in that area so go over them all mate.

    hes quite good at painting, but not half as good as he thinks he is

    why he line Seam out then??
    EZ, ive just seen that dub in Twells on the side of that house you did has been dogged out by AEM, he didnt touch yours though, just lined out your mate. if that was mine that cunt would lose every piece hes ever done, then i would smash his whole area so everywhere he went he would see my name. and keep doing that till he gave up!
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