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  • Exactly mate!!! Just a hell of a lot more to learn, and very stressful when you have a bangin idea you just can't write out!
    ...Only had a couple hours work on it but its going well. Will hit you up when its abit more complete. The thing is really i will make a nice drum beat and a nice intro, then i go to make a bassline, open massive and end up making the same old shitty noise whatever i do and give up. Really pisses me off! But yeah i recommend cubase bro, nice and easy to pick up i find :) And deffinatly go for the music tech course, can't go wrong with learning something you enjoy.. Saying that make sure you pick the right one as i chose a course involving alot of band recording and 'traditional' instruments which really isnt my thing. Sorry for the essay lol. Anyways good luck with your shit!!!
    Yeah man its all good. Kind of slacking at the moment to be honest. I'm thinking really strangely about the whole thing though, when i'm working on a tune i'm having a wicked time and learning something new everyday, but i have no motivation to get going. I have everything i need at home (midi keyboard and all) yet i never even bother with it unless i'm at college to kill some time. Really need to get my act together! And those tunes are absolutely awful on the soundcloud hahah! Got a nice little heavy piece im working on at the moment (well its nice for me) lol... damn forum wont let me post a longer comment.. to be continued lol
    Nice one for the reply mate!

    Yeah i will be doing it, got some nice wood at my house i found last night so going to crack on with it asap! Going to build it all in one though, and i've thought of the way to get the decks out aswell, just leave the back panel open, and same with the mixer.. 1. to get the cables into the mixer, and 2. because you could get round the back and lift the deck up as it is on stands :). Looking to be quite a tough project for me building this all as one piece with the decks sunk in. WIll be a good though. Thanks again for the reply bro! Will hit you up with some pics when its done!
    Ez man! Looking at building myself a deckstand, pretty such exactly the same as yours to be honest! Was wondering if you could give me a couple of pointers if thats cool?

    What wood did you go for and how much did it cost?

    What type of paint? How many layers? Again how much for the tin?

    Did you sink the decks in to the exact measurement of the decks or leave a little space either side? If not, how the hell do you get it out lol!?

    Think thats all i need to know! Cheers buddy!
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