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  • well yes, the waveforms would help me out lots too, since i'm beginner and all...
    I'll just have to rake some more money together then. Maybe at the end of the year.

    cheers again for the info mate, appreciate it :)
    argh, bloody fuck. Not as good after this i must say xD
    I've heard the behringer ddm 4000 is a big improvement though. Might be switching ideas, and go for the cdjs + the ddm 4000, without torq...
    I imagine that dj'ing would be alot more fun without having to look at a screen. And with the numark cdjs i can plugin usb mass storage...
    Meh, why is it a hobby for spoiled rich kids. Pfff. How can you ask so much money for a few pieces of plastic and metal. Man oh man. :/

    cheers for the info though. Really useful.
    Oi oi oi. Quick question, i thought you got a behringer djx 750, true? How is it working out for you?
    I was planning on getting me one of these because - frankly - the low price in comparison with what you seem to get.
    But then i read all these reviews and comments on the mixer, and they are holding me back quite much.
    The volume faders aren't lineair, effects are worthless, bpm counters are shit, and the effects are bpmcounter based, ...
    How much of this is true? I was planning on getting it in combination with numarks ndx400 cdjs and timecode software,
    probably Torq (again the price issue). Torq would give me the alternative for using the effects on the mixer + bpm would
    accurate... But still. Would love to hear your opinion mate.

    much appreciated man! get involved in the next one, hopefully it wont take so long... haha
    Looked over all the competition, you shou;d have a fair chance to win..

    Giving drunk visitor messages at the moment.. yeah

    Have a good weekend.
    voted mate ;)

    i'm under the endinginriot or-something-like-that account. No use adding me though, it's just to let the system know i'm over 18 when needed. :)
    Tell me where to vote please. Is it on their youtube page?

    I'm a massive speng i know.

    Also, here's a little lolington for ya.

    Whilst watching your tink ya bad mix i was on their page in another tab, and their vid started playing unbeknownst to me. So i thought you had clashed all over the shop.
    I was like 'omg, he uploaded this?'

    Then i realised my error, and called myself a massive speng.

    As you were....
    yeah i checked out the thread you made, its pretty nice i have to say, bump it when the voting opens!
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