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    Hektikz Jungle Mix

    Got a few more sets on my soundcloud if you fancy them too :)
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    Hektikz Jungle Mix's

    Volume 3 added :)
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    Hektikz Jungle Mix's

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    Jump up mix

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    Hektikz-Neurofunk mix

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    Hektikz Jump up mix

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    Drum & Bass Xmas jump up mix

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    Drum & Bass JUMP UP VIBES

    Turno & Dominator-Tidelwave VIP Damage Report-One more thing Stranger-Dancefloor Eazy-Many of Us Annix-97Track Dangerous-Watch out (hedex rmx) Lymitless-Dim Lights Levela-More Firepower Turno-Judas Levela-Style Driver Logan D & Dominator-Rumble Voltage-Locked On Levela-Give me more(upgrade Rmx)...
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    Jump up Mix

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    Hektikz Jump Up Mix

    Majistrate-Rise vip Upgrade-More Dub berzerka-Humanoids Origin-2 Bass? Heist-Its got teeth Majistrate-Carnage Hizzleguy-50 calibre Dub Berzerka-Born Bad Rowney n Propz-2 Birds 1 Stone Damage Report-Bidda Bad HizzleGuy-Concrete Danger-? Majistrate-Sour Power Lymitless-Play It Dumb VIP...
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    Hektikz Jump up mix 2014

    Easy now!
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    Hektikz Jump up mix 2014

    Finally got round to doing a mix been ages here ya go! Tracklist on soundcloud page more to come! :)
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    First track in this vid. sounds like shy fx??

    cheers dears