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    Eaze guys! Myself and another DJ have just launched our own dnb promo channel (yeh your probs thinking "wow ..another channel".. Anyway, just wondering if any of you had any new content you wanted promoting? My current YouTube channel has 38,500+ subscribers and I will be linking the new...
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    Official RAM100 digital bundle thread

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    Favourite double drops

    Danny Byrd - We can have it all (Sigma Remix) >> Loadstar - Link to the Past!!! :D ..Been rinsing that one out atm haha
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    Those stupid drumsteps...

    hahah I know lol ..It's like I hate it when it's a dnb night but one of the DJ's in the line up is known for both Drum&Bass and Dubstep mixing ..your just waiting for him to kill the vibe when he drops the dubstep tracks ¬_¬ Rollz new Drumstep EP was alright, "Get some" was probably my...
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    Rude Drum And Bass?

    TC - Pornstar obv haha those vocals! :P Andy C had some oldskool tracks with female vocals screwing ..not sure on the names of them, Youtube them! :D
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    YouTube Subscriptions...

    don't forget skankandbass :D
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    Post pictures of your set up.

    I was gonna post mine ..but then I saw other peoples LOOL! think i'll wait for 5 years and post my upgrades lol :(
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    Food Fight

    Taxman dropped this yday ..bigg! :D
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    best way to take sample from movie clips

    Easiest way to do this.. Get Sony Vegas (any edition) Burn the film onto your computer, open it up in Sony Vegas...delete the video timeline ..cut out the audio sample you want and then render it in 320 MP3. SIMPLE!
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    Can anyone help me with some ideas for mix

    dunno where you'd drop it into those tracks ..but you could try High contrast - Racing green? came on pretty early on a night out once, got everyone onto the dancefloor ..
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    Is there much point taking up DJing again if I don't plan to play live?

    My mixing is awful, but I still have loads of fun when im on my decks! long as your having a good time's all good! :D
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    CDJ's on finance?

    You gotta target little kids on eBay. this 1 kid thought he could mix his rap ..he forgot the vocals would clash. after 3 days of use they were up on eBay for me :D ..£400 for 2 pretty much new NDX400's and an M6 mixer, saved about £150?
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    First time playing out. Track suggestions to please the masses.

    lol no one's said Gold Dust yet :( ..fucking every club I go to it's playing!! at non-dnb raves, I hear alot of Pendulum (there new trash), Danny Byrd's new stuff, High contrast (gold digger remix etc), DS&BSS's remix of Take over controll, Chase&Status ft Plan b. As for dubstep...
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    Possible big tunes for 2011?

    SPOR - Pacifica FFS!!
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    Can anyone recommend some good headphone for ipod uses pls

    I'll probs get hate for this ..but tbh.. If you just want them for your iPod ..get Skullcandy HESH's I had a pair around 2 years ago from £30. The only problem I had with them was ...they snapped. apart from that, sound was great ..nice deep bass too. for £30 you cant really go...