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    New DJ Fresh single 'Hot Right Now'

    Isnt that ultramagnetic by fresh? He used it as his example tune in the tutorial for CM.
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    Plea to TC to give away his Freak Remix!

    Have not heard this but would love to! What the hell has happened to TC anyways man? He was smashing it hard for a while and then just disappeared! heard some rumours about where he went but dunno what to believe
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    motorized mixers whats good?

    That tascam US-2400 looks like the nuts! Shame is disconed
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    I find that finding a break with some splash rides in useful. Just EQ absolutely everything below say,10000hz or just enough to leave only the rides audible.
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    Audio Relief ( – Do not use!

    Does that mean you still have my moulds on file? I cant remember how long you say they keep them for... I think I have had my plugs from you guys for 3 years
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    Methodist - Let It Be Me (Roller)

    Thank you all for your comments guys, its appreciated. @cluster and Nacon..I spoke to the label earlier and they tested it at detonate in nottingham last night and they also said the snare needs to be adjusted and the kick a little more driving. I think Im going to re-choose the snare selection...
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    Methodist - Let It Be Me (Roller)

    Hello peeps. A new clip up on my soundcloud forthcoming on Flexout Audio. Any feedback is welcome as I have to go in a tweak some parts anyway and more opinions are always welcome. Its a liquid roller with an old school reece vibe, bells, bleeps etc..all my usual sort of favourite...
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    Tongue Flap Podcast 023 - Stunna Guestmix

    Big ups pete! Cheers for ze play:)
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    Artist names, whered you get yours?

    Link to my surname as it is ST John. Plus I just liked the word
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    DJ Fresh - Gold Dust Remix stems HERE

    you're welcome man
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    DJ Fresh - Gold Dust Remix stems HERE

    Hello peeps. I have had various friends and people asking me for the Gold dust remix stems as there was problems with the link that was up a while ago. Anyway, people even recently have been messaging me for them so have uploaded it for them. The links are here... Part 1...
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    Methodist - Come With Me

    thanks mate. Yeah i think I will add some splash to come in and drop out at certain parts. There is quite a lot in there already drum wise and I stripped a few layers out to free up some space but I know what you mean about more rolling. Cheers for the comment though:)
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    luciduk - writers block (new school)

    Very very tight Lucid. Big ups mate!