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    Drum & Bass my track "psychology"

    Just a little advice, I wouldn't be so post crazy I would focus more on your tune than posting hundreds seeking feedback, just saying in a friendly way bro
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    Why do people not feedback on this forum?

    Like Gandhi said, be the change you want to see...
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    Drum & Bass [FREE DOWNLOAD] Voodrop - Vertebrae - Detached Audio Freebie

    Since I went to prison and never got to finish the remix offer you sent me? Maybe I could have a go at this one?
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    Hurlant Chamber - Gold Grill (Neuro / metal?)

    Sound design needs a lot of work. Nice arrangements. Solid vibe. Not feeling the line though. Is that pad sound like "the nine" or is it just me?
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    Drum & Bass New vocal DnB

    Really good. I'd enjoy a little more percussion ensemble to taste but fantastic tune
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    any feedback ?

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    Drum & Bass EA - Universe

    Sound design needs some work, hate the vocal personally, lots of good ideas in there though. Keep it up
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    CELO - The Deep EP (Sub-Label Recordings - Yellow - 15-07-19)

    I'd rinse "elements" like crazy. Very on point tune. Love it. This entire EP is fire. Definitely picking this up well done!
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    Oi oi Mates!

    L LMFAO yes American and in prison (was) I'll jot something down for you in a bit ;)
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    Drum & Bass 3 tracks free download

    Interesting ideas but need much eq love
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    MeThOxY - Jungle Drum & Bass EP July 2019

    I'm confused is this a mix or a long ass tune bro?