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  • what the fucking shit why doesnt it work im going to kill you unless it works without me changing anything right this instant
    btw i dont watch tv and i dont have facebook, so i have no idea whats good or not, im completely out of touch with the normal world, no moral compass, cant relate to humanity. visceracraft.
    it damn near killed me finding out where that button is, i had to work 40 hours overtime on my spare time.

    but yes. coming up bodo!
    ok im going to listen now, i can stream from from your SC yes? or is it better to dl? hook me up bodo!
    ill be listening in to the gift today, at work, and i will get back to you during the course of this thursday in the year of our lord, something or other.
    throne of obscurity? awesome name (is that what it means?) is it dark ambient? illbient? ill listen in and get back to you negward
    haha not bad bodo! but that guy is usually legit, so lets see how he responds. whats that new link in your sig? is that new shit from you? if it is you should probably hook a snickers up
    hey bodo, why are we black metalling that thread, do you reckon its a waste thread?
    so by sampling you mean you play it loud through a bunch of equipment and record it? well, he equipment will of course have the same effect, but when you run it into the emu, first of al theres the converters, the sample rate, the gain, and then the processing you do inside the box, and then you run it out again, into the computer, this is how i would do it, resample the shit out of it, and the character it would yield is just amazing. but yes, i would resample it, not keep the sound in the samnpler and control the filter via midi. no, the basslines are comprised out of 50 to 100 links of wavs with different sweeps and filter stages and just rad effects in general - its a pretty caveman way of working, but you have to put down the ground work at some point thats all there is to it. there is no wrong or right way, you just have to graft your tunes big time.
    ps. you have to read the lower message first to get the order right. dont know why we have character limitation on the visitor message screen. i thiunk its to do with.... something about memory or ram or whatever, look, i dotn speak dorkanese
    because pretty soon you figure out voices, as in layers, which is just soo powerful in its simplicity , and just keep resampling like that, because other than the FL sampler functions, its a real hardware box, so if you run it red hot, the converters have such a nice effect, also, if you just diigitally gain something in the sampler, that also has a very nice sound, so you know its... you have to get to know your box, because it has character my friend. i dont know man there is sooo much to say about this old box, its... nothing short of amazing. to sum it up. what were we talking about anyway haha
    well ok, fuck, shit, thats an interesting question, you see, this is from an age when analog was decidedly deemed "out" and hundreds and hundreds of menus and sub menus was the order of the day. and no mistake neither, it was exactuly how it was supposed to be. however, in retrospect, i think this was considered to be a mistake. no matter this is what we have to deal with, and to tell you the truth, as soon as you figure out the logic of it all, its like a mixing console, looks inimidating and madly complex at first, but really, the structure tons of the same, but with different results. so once you know a thing, like all the things that a sampler does (envs, effects. filters, loops annnnd... i know im missing someting, but basically all the things the fruity sampler does, but on fucking steroids and times 3000) you can pretty much get around with that and reap all the benefits of this glorious machine,
    wat! bodo, its the e-mu e6400 sampler? i can tell you all about it, ibut is nothing that you havent heard before, you know, z-plane filters and that insane chorus? and then, if you resample, you get double the effect (and so forth ad nausem) and iits the best for turning a sound inside out.

    you can even z-plane a sub. im serious, it makes it much much more better. er. betterer.
    say bodo do you honestly want to talk emu, or were you being sarky? because im pretty sure we talked about this before, but i dont mind talking emu, in fact, i really enjoy talking emu
    bro, did you really headbang to the black metal thing mem and my brother did? you honestly think i sound like varg? fuck that is such high accolade, varg is my abssolute idol
    you know, thinking about this hellektro aggrotech thing, we could quite easily make...
    what amounts to electronic black metal. hows your guitar skill? cos i can play a little, and you can understand what i mean when i say i want hellektro black metal. i can sing and play the guitar, but its mainly supposed to be dark industrial ritualistic ambient aggrotech hellektro, you reckon youre uo to the task big man? first things first, lets finsih our dnb projects, but i had honestly never heard hellektro before and i can... i see how we can make black metal in EBM format, and it makes my synapses fire like new years eve yay
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