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  • Haha oh shit that's the exact same thing I posted pretty much exactly a month ago!! I need to stop being heron or I fear my whole shirt will come undone
    danny, didnt you say you was coming to town? when is that? you still coming? you gotta call me when you do black man
    Danny, you coming to town? Holler at your boy when you get into town, ill send you my number, and we hit a bar, drink strong drink and speak of other things, its a good time, and pretty effortless at that. yessiree bob, thats what it is.
    dont forget to vote in the 303 DNB COMPO THREAD in production forum daniel old chap!
    danny if youre playing live, you have to let us know with a thread on the forum ok buddy, hows anyone to know if you dont say anything
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