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    Enjoyed this, good contrast of new and old, blended nicely, that Basher remix never gets enough love to respect
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    Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz 24 [UK DnB Podcast Series]

    Yes mate, give this alisten not long ago, keep it up top selectiom Your bit at the end sounds fooking mint !!
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    DnB Data Trasmission - Renegade Riddims: Reflektor

    Yes yes yes ! need more mixes like this, ENERGY !!
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    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 14 - Promenade

    Sweet lil liquid mix this, most tunes hadnt heard before, but always good to hear Silence Groove & Bert H . Tune at 15 minutes was top ! Great selection, gelled together nicely
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    why not.....

    Gave this one a listen yesterday, very much got the fusion Ram sound going on. Savage dropped in hard going for that Andy C 3 deck style its all very tight, well mixed together, no slips and everything sounded clean, so defo got ya mixes down, Id just want a darker selection, but thats just...
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    MeThOxY "Jungle-DNB-Dj-Set"

    Hey dude, you should explain this is a mix of your own music ? Maybe put when each track starts as they sound sort of similar, trippy mix thou some good drums around 26minute mark, keep working on the tunes man
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    The Free mp3 Thread

    My friend COERCIVE got a whole free EP incoming, here is the first track
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    I buzz my boots off to this tune so had to give it a share, please check out their other work, a few free downloads on the Soundcloud
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    I have not come on here for ages ! Hope everyone is keeping well.. il be checking out some o the mixes on here next couple o weeks I threw this up the other day, thought you guys might enjoy. No new music. Just quality Drums and Bass Tracklist 1 Sudden Change - Mohican Sun 2 Had I Known - Alix...
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    Got told iv got a gig coming up, thought id bash out a quick time rapid mix Sun is finally showing its face ! Hope you've all had a good start to 2019 Dr Meaker - Remedy (feat Romaine Smith - Serum Dr Meaker remix) NiteRider - Kush Puppy - Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl WasABe - The...
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    Every Week : #SundaySessions / #MixMonday : Watch on Youtube

    #SUNDAYSESSIONS No.40 This is the last one Il be doing, cheers to anyone who's tuned in over the past year ! - TRACKLIST - PYRO - GOODBYE MOTIV - PROMPT DEMISE = HIGH CONTRAST - RACING GREEN SwitcherZ -...
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    Loadstar - Link to the Past ( VIP / Remix ) ?

    Cheers mate thats a well cleaner version :) I really like how gritty Loadstar have kept themselves compared to the rest of the camp on Ram Glad they kept it this long for VIP i rushed my boots off when i heard it
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    Loadstar - Link to the Past ( VIP / Remix ) ?

    Anyone know who its by, will try post a video later
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    #DNBMCR Introduce :: Walters Disney

    #DNBMCR Introduce Is a new platform to promote and create an archive of Drum & Bass mixes from Manchester, the North-West and Beyond. Second up we introduce, Walters Disney Hailing from the North-West and getting his teeth sunk in with the Wigan scene you can find this gentlemen having a rave...