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    Drum & Bass Jem One-Exclusive mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast-Episode 328

    I was just thinking of JemOne the other day, so all over this ! When Piper refix dropped I went nuts only 10 min in tune at 22 mins awell & around the 31 & 42 minute mark Great mix over all, heavy ! cant believe your up to 328 - well done - think you asked me round the early stages i just...
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    listened to number 3 was nicely surprised, really enjoyed this, didnt know any of the tracks but some of the artists... started off almost hiphop then moving into reggae influences with some steppy bits later which was smart not sure about all the 'ONE TRACK MIND EXCLUSIVE MIX' but i get it...
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    New dnb mix June 2018

    Gave this a quick jam, very varied mix, didnt expect it ! defo need to put the track-list on here too, might get more interest tracking is wicked, really well put together, bits near the middle with Seba were great, loved the whole vibe of the mix - well enjoyed, keep um coming
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    Drum & Bass DEXCELL - JUNE TWENTY:18 MIX

    really enjoyed this, started off really well, love charli's voice - the way you blend certain tunes in an out is creative loved it when Food Fight came in for example some really nice bits towards the end too
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    Drum & Bass Kinetik - Momentum (Ulterior Motive, Break, Survival, S.P.Y.) - All Vinyl

    Very enjoyable from the start, obv always a good start with a Break tune and bringing the funk mixed with Cocooned was a great way to grab my attention . Everything blended well and tight, Empire came in hard and i love that tune ! Bits round Featherweight VIP really liked great to hear Jakes...
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    Rifine - Ticky Ticky 2 (Hybris, Rockwell, Stray, Subtension) 100% Vinyl

    Thought the first 15 were abit stale, picked up from the 20 minute mark - good to hear Stray – Saturday For me dropping tracks in the second just didnt really work and sort of ruined the flow of the mix, thought id give it to My War but kinda lost interest by that point im afraid, great...
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    Muzza 'Movements'' DnB Mix (June 2018)

    the first 11 minutes up to Bristol was seamless, everything tight, rolled ontop of each other, very impressive as the mix goes and Nausea & Elmhurst Dub making me sit up straight nice rollin then around 27.15 my brain fucking exploded surprised i can still write, big mix, well enjoyed, nuff...
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    Every Week : #SundaySessions / #MixMonday : Watch on Youtube

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    DOWNLOAD Foreign Concept & Halogenix - Waiheke Wine Club Roy Green & Protone - Illusion Commix - Electric Amoss - Skittles Kumarachi - Back To You Calyx & Teebee - Perspectives Shyun - Digital Circus...
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    Every Week : #SundaySessions / #MixMonday : Watch on Youtube

    #SUNDAYSESSIONS No.23 - Tracklist in there :)
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    Thought id throw this up, just a half hour mix. The new tracklisting thing on Mixcloud is ace ! Too Bad (remix) by Taxman Radical Sound by Agressor Bunx Criminality by Ozma = Raz - Dojo Give Yourself by Loadstar Tap Ho - TC = Out for the Milli - Annix Remix Jamming - Was A Be Hot Knives by...
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    Every Week : #SundaySessions / #MixMonday : Watch on Youtube

    Sun was out so was the decks ! Just a half hour bash so cant be arsed doing track-listing, my usual dancefloor stuff
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    J:M & Solis Selections Vol. 1

    Track-list or some of the artists in the mix will help new people click to listen - dark rollin steppy, i think 40/45mins are about right for a mix these days, specially when sticking to one genre few tiny slips, but nothing to effect the mix - well enjoyed, what was the tune at 26.00 please ?
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    Drum & Bass Dr Woe presents - The Rolling Woe Show vol. 17!

    Great start, I think Midnight Special lost the flow an abit with a heavy switch into Renegade but part from that the mix was fire and filled full o tunes i havent heard before really nicely put together, no slips, just rolled out, well enjoyed 20 - 40 was probs my fav section the bit round GLXY...
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    Drum & Bass KAL - Drum & Bass Sessions Vol. 3 - All kinds of Liquid and Rollers....

    The groove up until about the half hour mark were very tranquil , some real nice blends bit of grit towards the end was a nice change too wasnt so keen on the LSB tune but apart from that well enjoyed the selection great mix