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    >>>>>> DNBFORUM AWARDS 2011 - VOTING NOW OPEN <<<<<<

    in dont vote. im against any form of competition and believe we should all have open minds and be raging homo's. miss you scotty x
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    Do you dance/skank at raves?

    every rave ive been to ive danced/skanked. i havent been to a rave in about 5 years though so no.
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    Do you listen to anything else apart from dnb?

    how can "everything else be fake" you tit. id guess your about 3 with a statement like that
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    Mc lyrics

    this was funny. ive been endlessly wracking my brain coming up with these puns but cant beat this.
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    Det and Skibs in the Gym Videos

    haha i was joking but its amazing how on net forums if you repost/rehash some old news you get slaugthered for it!! ITS A REPOST SLOW, GO AND CUT YOUR OWN COCK OFF FFS
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    Det and Skibs in the Gym Videos

    repost. fuck off slow. det blatanly on roids. id say primbolan n propionate with his physique. no water retention at all cos his frames so big. ---------- Post added at 16:27 ---------- Previous post was at 16:26 ---------- also no form at all from det. those bicep curls are swingin to...
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    UNCZ going there own ways

    its all a bit embarrasing for my liking. the gym video, the uncz tees vid and then mungo jerry and bluestone. i dont listen to dnb at all anymore and havent for about 2 years. i fear that it was as gay then as it is now and have little self respect over the matter
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    Devious D's Dub plate special

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    For Sale !!!!!!!!!!!FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not these fake vestax again surely
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    For Sale !!!!!!!!!!!FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i personally wiped my cock on these decks. there thats boosted the price for you
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    Anyone have tickets for Hospitality @ Matter?

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    For Sale !!!!!!!!!!!FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im going to get a mod to delete this thread its unfair to the community
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    CD or Vinyl

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    For Sale !!!!!!!!!!!FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant stand by and watch some poor unsuspecting youngen line your pockets for this tripe. you and i know damn well these decks are fucked so i would advise taking them down right away