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    50 Men I'd 2's up Dan M with

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    Post a Picture of Yourself 2011

    just look at me. im so fucking sexy they make cheese after me
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    50 Men I'd 2's up Dan M with

    didnt w2e actually do this one? ---------- Post added at 14:43 ---------- Previous post was at 14:42 ---------- oh and i fucked harold bishop too. missed that one
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    WHos got Red wings ?

    i have had women shit in my mouth. redwings is a bit gay for me
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    >>>>>> DNBFORUM AWARDS 2011 - VOTING NOW OPEN <<<<<<

    in dont vote. im against any form of competition and believe we should all have open minds and be raging homo's. miss you scotty x
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    Good Whiskey

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    we all hate leeds we all hate leeds
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    one of my best good friends as forrest would say is an arsenal fan. im currently working in Huyton (liverpool) where Gerrard is from. needless to say the last week has been awful. @ Scotty etc. listen mate weve been here before and we never do it the easy way. im taking my medicine (which is...
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    Lets discuss Charlie Sheen

    tonight is going to be a night of beautiful women and heavy drinking or as charlie sheen calls it .... breakfast
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    Lets discuss Charlie Sheen

    two and a half men is shit? are you my mum?
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    MMA Fights Online ...

    the ortiz shamrock fight was the funniest. i hate tit though
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    MMA Fights Online ...

    my thoughts exactly. ive been awaiting this return
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    Back To Work...

    back to work and not loving it tbf. all the mongs who work over xmas for double pay because theyve got no life have been in and left us real workers to a shit storm. 305 emails to go through. nice. i genuinely cannot get pissed, ive drank so much over the last weeks i just cant get pissed...
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    Haven't been around here for a while, been busy training, being the good dad but also womanising (standard) and just too busy with work etc to post. As you know in my previous job I could totally slack off hence 5k plus posts but now I actually have to do stuff ! Deffin. Anyway I remember...