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    Jungle thangy

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    Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated

    Thanks for the replies people... This project has been on ice for a while but the positive feedback is inspiring me to go back and finish it. Might actually have a professional vocalist on board as well (yn)
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    Drum & Bass Dan J - ROUND THE CORNER

    Haha yeh well why not. Thanks again (y)
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    Drum & Bass Dan J - ROUND THE CORNER

    Thanks mate although this is 2 years old o_O
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    Drum & Bass SECOND CHAPTER

    o_O Thanks buddy - yeh it's quite "old" sounding I guess! Can be hard to get the balance between the music / melody and "dance factor" think I could have gone a bit more apeshit with it on this then?>??
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    Why do people not feedback on this forum?

    What I find maybe more interesting about lack of replies is the amount of people who "view" without actually listening to the tune. My last post on here has 62 views, no replies, and I know that not a single person actually listened to the tune. Not saying I am any better, I largely gave up on...
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    Drum & Bass SECOND CHAPTER

    How's this sounding headz? :oops:
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    Thanks buddy. I've cleaned it up a lot will update the Soundcloud link sometime... :2thumbs:
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    Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated

    (sorry I can never work out how to embed private tracks) - Vocals need re-recording and are vanilla - interested to know what people think about the general vibe...whether it works or not. Pretty new territory for me so any thoughts...
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    Feedback welcomed (y)
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    I think I am finished

    It's phat (y)
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    Liquid-DnB for Feedback

    Intro is a bit gratingly high end but really love it when it drops. In feel the music elements in general need changing up at some points or just dropping from the mix (y)
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    MeThOxY - Jungle Drum & Bass EP August 2018

    Some nice sounds but all a bit messy and unfocused for me. If this had come out in 1993 I might have dug it