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    Thanks buddy. I've cleaned it up a lot will update the Soundcloud link sometime... :2thumbs:
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    Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated

    (sorry I can never work out how to embed private tracks) - Vocals need re-recording and are vanilla - interested to know what people think about the general vibe...whether it works or not. Pretty new territory for me...
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    Feedback welcomed (y)
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    I think I am finished

    It's phat (y)
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    Liquid-DnB for Feedback

    Intro is a bit gratingly high end but really love it when it drops. In feel the music elements in general need changing up at some points or just dropping from the mix (y)
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    MeThOxY - Jungle Drum & Bass EP August 2018

    Some nice sounds but all a bit messy and unfocused for me. If this had come out in 1993 I might have dug it
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    New Tracks for review

    What Bart said basically! Too commercial for my ears
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    Heavy DnB for Feedback

    I like it bit the whole low end feels a bit wishy washy to me
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    Drum & Bass Dan J - CAN'T HOLD IT - FINISHED

    Hey Bart, thanks again for your kind and very helpful feedback. I took some of your advice but (foolishly) left other parts. I've updated the original post with the final version of the track. I hope you and other enjoy (y)
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    Drum & Bass Dan J - CAN'T HOLD IT - FINISHED

    Updated the arrangement
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    Drum & Bass Dan J - CAN'T HOLD IT - FINISHED

    Many thanks for your really helpful comments Bart. You've really made me think about rearranging it so the amen can come in as more of a "2nd drop" and to also hold out on the full bass till then. You're right, with the musical elements maybe it doesn't all need to come in so quickly. I did...