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    New EP from me

    bump :2thumbs::2thumbs::2thumbs:
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    New EP from me

    Thanks man. I didn't realize you were with Tesseract!! Sort me some tunes :p
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    New EP from me

    Hey guys I play the role of an absent father around here so most y'all never heard of me.. Although I do have a new EP coming with Tesseract Recordings. It's on Bandcamp right now, and digital outlets 11th October Support from...
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    Upcoming Albums of 2018

    took me a minute to realize this wasn't some new hospital artist i wouldnt care about.
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    MeThOxY - Jungle Drum & Bass EP August 2018

    hey man got some really cool outside the box ideas in here but mixs are bit off. also, 41 mins is definitely a LongPlay no??
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    Drum & Bass Dimension

    this is really heavy man. I think in terms of the mix some of the synths (rising triplet synth) are too loud compared to the sub bass, and maybe the kick. but all in all good track.
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    I think I am finished

    really like this. good work! drums are lush
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    Unbidden Audio (Kyam Imprint - dark / tribal / jungle / experimental etc)

    Really cool tracks man big up for doing your own thing
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    Nerv - Bust Trickets (Free D/L)

    thanks g ! appreciated. this is older but much new stuff to come 2018
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    Nerv - Bust Trickets (Free D/L)

    Dug this one out from a while back and polished it off best I could. Its techy roller type dealy. Hope you enjoy!
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    Nerv - Snuffhead [Hyperion Audio]

    Hey dnbforum crew, I made this track, which started what seems like a century ago. But its coming out on a VA LP with Hyperion later this year so keep your eyes peeled and all that.. I hope you guys like it - let me know what you think. I have more music coming soon also so might as well be...
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    Dark Roller/Advice/Feedback

    really feeling this man, love the bass and stepping beat... can you send a copy when its finished? ;)
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    Nerv x Sustayne - Tilting at Windmills [Clip]

    All feedback welcome, just wanted to get some opinions Have a nice day dnbforum crew! x
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    Quartz & Survey New Label - Acrylic

    Looks like they've been busy. 18 ???'s from quartz and survey... super hyped for this
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    Drum & Bass Percussive, Chill & Dark Drum & Bass Tune

    wow i love this. I completely forgot what I was listening to.