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    few problems with traktor scratch duo 2... any suggestions?

    definitely sounds like you just need to recalibrate, get rid of the vinyl image that just spins round and get the lovely status circles up, then you can "calibrate"
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    Post pictures of your set up.

    haha brilliant!
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    KRK Rokit 6 Monitor problem.. Traktor user

    i had this problem once when i used a different dell charger than i normally would. i managed to solve it by just using my usual charger but how about putting your monitors in the opposite out booth/master does that make a difference? Interested to see how you fix this one. Sorry i can't be a...
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    Deep/Dark/Techy Tune Recommendations

    the new break/villem release on Symettery (released this coming monday i think)
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    Sound Engineering, anyone know a thing or two?

    nice one guys, the ever helpful forum crew.
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    Sound Engineering, anyone know a thing or two?

    that's awesome mate, just what i was looking for, cheers.
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    SPECTRM004 - Data/Villem/Pessimist/Icicle/Triad/June Miller/dBridge

    yo forum crew, Fourth instalment of a podcast i co-produce/mix. First 40 mins is dnb, then it goes away into other, inferior genres. or download 192kbps/around 120mb
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    Sound Engineering, anyone know a thing or two?

    nahh sorry i was on about your idea of "hardware studios" sorry for the confusion.
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    Sound Engineering, anyone know a thing or two?

    Easy guys, I've always been pretty interested in the technicals of sound engineering but to be honest i don't know a thing, but i would like to. Anyone know any good websites/books that could teach me a thing or two? Wasn't sure where to put this in the forum so sorry for any inconvenience...
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    June Miller - Snapcase

    hmm, think i prefer there more chilled out stuff, still awesome producers though.
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    Best Mix CD?

    commix fabriclive all the way.
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    Post video sets of yourself mixing here

    great skills mate. out of interest, how'd you get the cameras to playback like that with the dual screen. what software you using?
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    Looking to buy some decks.....

    got my 1210s + flight cases and a DJM600 from gumtree. £600, so it can be great, just depends if your lucky.
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    Another ridiculous day for releases

    sorry, i don't get you. they're not exclusive to beatport? are you saying that if you get them off beatport you get some digital recipe or something... i've only ever bought Ingredients Vinyl, and now the CD.