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    Anyone use Cubase Sx and Halion?

    Ignore my last post, Just a lean oversight on my part:-/ Loving cubase sx. Was using fruityloops before. The're hardly comparable!
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    Anyone use Cubase Sx and Halion?

    Yeah, sorted that out. New proble is that rather thn play the samples I loaded on o the keys I'ts playing a piano !?!?!? Cheers
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    Anyone use Cubase Sx and Halion?

    I've got a slight problem. I'm loadig the rex drums into halion, and setting cubase o the correct halion and channel. Howeve, I can't seem to get the drum pattern to show up in cubase!!! I've trie loads of stuf but I'm obviously missing out a key step, could someone help me please, I'm...
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    HQ...... a free monthly sunday in oxford, on a liquid tip!

    How long has the night been going on for? Do you know Jay? He works as a barman there and spins house.
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    Who's going to Clash Of The Titans?

    Yep, same here:thumbsd: :cry:
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    My first tune!!! Maybe the server is down:cry:
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    My first tune!!!

    Fair enough. Did you like the tune or's the link still not working?
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    My first tune!!!

    ???????????????????????????????????? General Drum & Bass related chat, keep it on topic -posts=2403 -threads=357 DJs/production DJ and producer related business -posts=683 -threads=133 Basically, it's your call isn't it. I'm not overly bothered but from experience these type of...
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    My first tune!!!

    Nope just on boards
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    My first tune!!!

    How do you know? This particular forum seems to get very little attention comparatively. So I posted it in the other forum for people that might not check this one. :finger:
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    My first tune!!!

    :zest: What d'you reckon? South West Clampdown Cru present Unicron and Clark Kent - 2nd Wave BTW he's a quality producer be sure to keep an eye out for his future...
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    :tut: Liberty.
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    1992 is here!

    Another famlir face! :D
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    Fabric sucks. Too many people, too many little kids, too many fucked up little kids. IMO it's not worth the time or money
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    Help needed.

    Basically I really desperately need a quality name to use for my prduction. Clark Kent sounds tooo much like bent. And is por anyway. Please can anyone help out and make a few suggestions. all help would be greatly appreciated. P.s. superman has been suggested about 10 times aready!