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    New DnB mix

    Dreadnaght Too bad Fire Jungle Fresco Surge Vault Diplodocus Drug in My world Key Brain Block control Gate keeper Be True Regengade snares remix Hand Gestures Early tings Yeah!
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    New DnB mix

    No coments Guess i need to feedback more mysef either that or its just shit? will get on the feedbacks promise
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    New DnB mix

    Downloads enabled Promo of some new tunes and some classics feed back please
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    30min DnB mix Downlaoads available

    Dreadnaught, Too Bad, Fire, Jungle Fresco.... Downloads available
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    LowRider Resin (clip)

    Do you think just boost the low end of the entire track or actually work a dedicated sine ting in there. cause i think there are a lot of low frequencies in the main bass that might not be pushing through enough????
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    Underspawn - Fortune Teller (1st try at making non-liquid thingy)

    Yes mate this could be good with some filter work on the Bass and drums. automation. Some variation on the drums to keep it interesting. Perhaps some toms? Nice chilled roller
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    With you

    Yeah agree with that. Does need some atmos. will try some strings and pads n ting. Wanna keep it quite simple tho with this one. I think the main kick and snare may be too loud as well? working with shit head phones is no fun for mixing.
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    All drums and percusion are audio hits and chopped breaks. That stop you hear is just shortening the hits and breaking up the parts. The music is all original patches other than the wierd jazz sample at the end. still working on this one but wanted some opinions on it. BUt yeah its essentially...
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    bringing back the oldschool vibes Jah Feedback
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    With you

    New track ready up Feedback Please
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    That is a nice bass patch. Yeah could do with a little more drums or percusion in places. Don't go to much tho. mabey some rollin hats for second half of drop?
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    Not the same

    new track up Ready for feedbacks
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    Drum & Bass Paracyte - Skydive

    Yeah man i like this track. love the bass line. only suggestion would be try cutting elements out from time to time to create more space. especially the bass line so its not so constant. see what i mean? over all wicked track man. peace
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    LowRider Resin (clip)

    New tune, work in progress. thoughts? Feedback please Don't know how the lows are sounding cause i'm writing and mixing on shitty logics headphones that only go down to about 150hz!!! please test on your subs for me
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    The City Remix - Dub steady tune. Who's on this one?

    The City Remix Feedback's welcome Hit me up for downloads add me on soundcloud if you're on it and leave some love!