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    The Free mp3 Thread

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    Serum backwards compatibility???

    Mac, I did a quick time machine backup then updated. Worked flawlessly!
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    Serum backwards compatibility???

    Yes, just waiting to update based on what people say. talked to a friend and he said he didn't have any issues. sounds like other people did. I work with adobe products all day so I avoid updates until they are a bit old to avoid being a beta tester lol
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    Serum backwards compatibility???

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can answer what I thought was a simple question but google couldn't help. I'm going to update Serum to its latest version and I am wondering if anyone has ever done this and had issues with old patches not working in the new version? I have a lot of patches I...
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    Chris Cause on The Greenroom

    I played Stunna's Greenroom show on Wednesday and a recording is available now. My set starts at 1 hour!
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    Drum & Bass Surreal - Sin City [Such Music]

    Nice one fellas
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    Here's the master I received. Very happy with the sound on it. It is much more clear and transparent than the master I had done myself.
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    The Free mp3 Thread

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    I think I'll be hitting you up soon :)
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    Any vocalists out there?

    I have a project that is essentially finished but I feel like would be better with some vocals on it, preferably a male vocalist. Anybody out there interested or know anyone who may be interested?
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    Leaving mistakes in recorded mixes

    Or just record it and don't make mistakes :P
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    Soul Intent "Delusions Of Grandeur" LP [LOSSLP001] Pre-Order now

    Nice. Really feeling Heart Chord.
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    Drum busses

    I like to use multiband compression on the drum bus, specifically the ozone mb compressor. I only lightly have them hit the compressor and adjust the attack times differently for each band. A friend of mine really likes to use a compressor appropriately named "The Glue". Can't really say...
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    Drum busses

    That's how I do it. Also, if it is a track that requires or allows me to add reverb to the drums I will create a reverb send which busses back into the drum bus. this allows me to more precisely control the reverb levels on each drum.