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  • arite lady, yea, i'll be down for that. got couple of projects to hand in for end of Jan, but after that im pretty relaxed. send me over more details. (y) x
    Hey, can you explain to me how this would work? i know i might be sounding dumb lol pencil me in for the earliist sunday slot avaliable, will have to confirm in a few days if thats ok?? need to see my rota

    ah, :(

    no problem, cheers anyways though, i'll have a look on that site and see if i can find it. :)
    Hi Chlo,

    I was just wondering if you knew what font the text on this was made with >>

    Sorry to bother you but I thought you may have used it in a project before....

    Cheer's :)
    Ive just got a bit of News that means that I cant take part until realistically Saturday the 16th Jan, but after that I would love any time 8-9 on Thursdays or Sundays, or 9-10 on Fridays and Saturdays

    If this is ok, or that the time delay is not practical for the station, then dont hesitate to pm me back
    Ta very much sweetheart! I'll have a gander at it later on after dinner

    Yeah i'm cool. NYE went on til 9am. Yes it was messy. I'm a messy guy! hahaha

    No worries about the Ram thing though. Anytime for you guys!
    I do dj.....for my sins! I've even been a guest dj on 1xtra a few years ago (that was playing hip hop though)

    I might be up for a lil radio slot though. more details please!
    friday 8-9pm guest slot would probably be best as i could probably do that every other week or so as me and boudi normally rotate what weeks we go up to each other. but can't promise that it'd be exactly every other week if you gets me.
    but should be able to make it on the regular mosta the time :)
    iyyaaa, sorry haven't got back to you sooner. haven't been online in ages as have been with boudi over the xmas hols.
    defo interested in the radio ting, just reading through now and will let you know what's cracking. :)
    Did you just add me on MSN then give me a whole heap of attitude and block me?

    Somebody did.
    ticket booked transport is gonna be one of those dynamic ones where i'll either drive if i can get a place to crash or train it up. be nice to meet u tho.x

    Im very interested in this, but will prob have to apply for the guest slots as my job is very demanding and i prob could not commit to a resident slot at the moment if im being honest, but will be willing to do as much as is needed of me
    nah mate, not home yet. im in italy, not going home for a while longer!! ive gota see the rest of europe!
    Yeah im about for a while get alex to drop me a text later if im not online. Have you two got tickets yet?
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