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    Hi Chloe just wanted say thanks for telling me about that dafont site, I found the 1 I was after in no time. TY! :)
    I sure did! You did kinda give me a "who the fuck are you?!" kinda look haha! :D Did you have a good one? I thought it was fucking wicked one of the best nights I've been to for a while now! By the way, out of respect, you should know that your graphic designs are heavy! Can definately appreciate the effort and skill that goes into it! Hit me back soon! Peace x
    S'alright Chloe ;) I can cope with your MSN rejection! Just make your deadlines, do it for the both of us because mine are for Sunday and I intend to spend this weekend in a hightened state of awareness/very drunk!!

    Shogun tonight indeed :D No doubt it's going to be utter chaos but I'm gonna try and get at least a few people to converge on some poor unsuspecting pub somewhere. Would be cool to meet you, make up for my Xmas party fail...
    sorry chloe only jus checked my account, i wouldnt mind getting on sat urday 7-8 thats is a perfect time for me....

    let me know.

    big uppz
    alright chloe, i just been speaking to my mate luke hood at school who does the UKFDrum&Bass youtube channel and he tells me your getting involved in the channel? is this true? he said icould have an hour slot as you wanted to run a radio station from 8pm - 2am on weekends or something, let me know and keep me informed on ideas etc should try and get some djs from here onit, would be good! take it easy
    the internet is not the way to propose anyhow (just so you know, you know)
    i think all the dj related jewellery on that website is amaze :love: we need stuff like that in our lives.
    Yo yo, sorry for the late reply. Waiting for the guy I run the night with to get back from snowboarding to sort out the venue and then I'll let you know about Foundation.

    Will hit up radio etc in the threads. Hope you had a good New years etc :)(y)
    safe chlo, would love to make a guest appearance from time to time but i don't think i could commit to a regular slot i'm a liability lol if you've got the occasional guest slot goin that would sick! i live pretty close to fortune an wobbie so i'm sure we could sort out a b2b at some point, cheers!
    Ez Chloe. Hope you're kool & the gang :) Ideally what we'd be looking for is maybe a monthly slot as all three of us have commitments with work and stuff atm (my shifts change everyweek, so i'm never sure when i'm about)
    So is this gonna be like a streaming thing then? Ie i just stream my mix from my home setup?
    cheers mate... definatly interested in more air time! I'll have a look at the time table later and see what i can do (too much fucking work on at the mo)!
    Haha if I got the capabilities to do a radio show, then I'd do one, though I dont think anyone would actually listen to it. Give me a couple of months see if I can get summat together.
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