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  • man, sorry for being so long, a friend has just died so been kinda preoccupied... i'll find it tonight...
    yo ok no probs, was just intrigued by the tracklist. if its a pain to unearth dont worry :)
    yo yo yo please can i have that trap remix of punish me?

    This! See untill you and Fes were chatting about this TRAP music i wasnt even sure it was a genre, thought it was just FES on his waffle flex.

    I hate people who slate shit before they even know what they are talking about. Basicly what i've just done! Im going to check out the mix at some point today and will drop some constructive feedback later.

    Cheers Dan

    P.s - Your inbox full.
    Ez mate, can you PM that trap remix of Dom & Roland? tune is gutter... and I'm not gonna be recording any sets soon so you've got that one locked for exclusivity, naaah mean?
    i did pm you a couple times man, and u need to delete some sent / or inbox messages so i can pm you.. safe for the heads up! .. richie is down south thats all .. i see your in london ..
    Ahh wicked bro nice! Yeah im moving into my own place in July so dont think i'll be able to afford another night out for a while. Should be bloody good though. A meet is definitely needed this time!
    Ez geeza! yeah will defo get on the download tonight man and give feedback. If I dont do it in the next couple of days remind me!
    Yeah im hitting RAM man, my last night out in a while I think! You on it?
    know marnie too from my horsey days! dont do it anymore though... so hardly comes up in convo, yagetsme!
    ha ha, it is out of the blue, meant to ask you ages ago, but you posted in the getting lean thread sooo...!

    um... shes taged in a pic of yours you shared on teh forum (minus the jew beard and that i think?) and i was all like 'small world!', used to know her when i was a liccle horsey riding yout (y)
    hahaha yeah thats how I want our first meeting to be! Unfortunatley not man, im skint. Unless I win the Comp for the free tickets its a no :(
    Will defo check the mix fella, hopefully it will make me feel better about missing Shogun haha

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