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    Drum & Bass albums everyone should own....

    Hell yes. "Accelerate" and "20 Degrees," anyone? Having said that, don't sleep on Sawtooth. "Piper" was the song which first got me into drum 'n bass, and it still kills it after all these years.
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Dr. ESC - "World Ending Orchestra"
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    sup from Toronto.

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    Fallout from Breakbeat Terrorism [RiP!!]

    Yes, late to the party (as usual)... I found out that BBT was down a few months ago. Dang, another one falls by the wayside... :sadbana:
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    A CVP doubleheader: "Starbright Lights" and "Bootleg Preachers"

    Hello. My output rate has decreased, but I still release songs every now and then. This time, I've got a doubleheader; I released the first song in May and the second one has just been released. Song number one... Starbright Lights (4.97 MB, 5:25) Feelgood drum 'n bass with a penchant...
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    Top Non-Drum & Bass Tunes Your Playing At The Moment

    Al Green - Lay It Down
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    I Am Legend

    I finally saw it this afternoon. In one word, dang!! There was a four-minute IMAX show before the previews started. Now, you know you're a drum 'n bass producer when the part you remember most is this: "The here." Beowulf is the next movie that this theatre is going to...
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    I Am Legend

    I'll go this weekend if I can hack it, but the funds are tight these days. Thank God for savings accounts, budgets, Christmas bonuses and income tax refunds. :mrgreen:
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    I Am Legend

    Ditto. They're still showing Transformers on IMAX here...but I haven't seen it yet.
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    what music do u listen to other than dnb?

    Dang...I'm surprised I didn't respond in this thread when it first came out. Basically, I'll listen to anything if it's good. You name it...pop, rock, alternative, gospel, drum 'n bass (duh), funk, soul, house, country, downtempo, ambient...I could go on. And just to prove my point, here...
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    Charlie Van Pelt - "Struggling With Destiny"

    You're pretty spot-on with that review, Logikz. This was one track which I didn't think called for too many switches, but rather, making the most of a minimal amount of ingredients. Funny that you say that the melodies are hymn-ish, what with me singing in a choir and all. But I digress...
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    Charlie Van Pelt - "Struggling With Destiny"

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, Jay. You might have a point on those pads...I'm listening to the track now, and perhaps they could have been turned down a few smidgens. Gotta love hindsight, innit. I'm already working on number three of this year, so I can atone for past sins...
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    Charlie Van Pelt - "Struggling With Destiny"

    The floodgates seem to have opened regarding my output these days. Here's my second song of 2007. Struggling With Destiny (chillout, ambient - 6:59) I've actually had the melody for this song in my head since last year; I was planning to flesh it out right after completing "My Last." As...
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    Charlie Van Pelt - "Party Like Iraq Star"

    Thanks for your feedback, Logikz.