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    liquid producers

    agreed, fresh label
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    Politics in DnB? Lame.

    ive seen nuff rucks in raves in london from general fights to mass armed robbery, the crowd in my hometown cardiff is a lot more student types and i guess a younger crowd as they make me feel old. at the end of the day dnb is associated with pills and i guess always will be, but in cardiff its...
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    Blame - Stay Forever..

    blame is fuckin fresh
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    Best drinks you've had in clubs?

    sstrange thread, obviously a premium lager
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    Soulution Radio for March?

    when was the last one though? i havent listened to one in ages, be nice to get more of them, they are always quality
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    [b]FORENSICS – Adventures in Death Star Valley Vol.4[/b]

    big up, always like your mixes
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    Your favourite subgenre?

    being popular dont make it better, in fact it makes it the opposite, dnb's pop music
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    Your favourite subgenre?

    i voted liquid, second would be ragga. thing is i dont follow all liquid, im not that big on vocals that sound like a song which liquid producers seem to love, im into deep rollers, stuff when you close your eyes it takes you somewhere..closest i could see on the list was liquid
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    Who is your favorite MC?

    i dont like any to be honest well maybe conrad when with bukem but apart from that i just find they detract more than they add
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    Fusion - Liquid Sessions Mix

    cheers boss
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    fabric y do..?

    im in 2 minds about fabric, few years ago found out a mate could get guestlist, so rinsed him for that, could go in using his card so would end up there most fridays, but after a while got really tired of the place and started to dislike it, ranging from the beer price and how fuckin rammed it...
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    Fusion - Liquid Sessions Mix

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    Drum&Bass Pet Peeves

    mc's in general are shit, i aint dancing to your rant boy now shut your gums