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    Dark, deep dnb for the early hours!

    Completely agree with Sausagenumber9, love the vibes of the 2nd tune!
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    need some critique

    now ive only been producing for like 2 months, but what i would have said, would be to layer both the kick and snare more, one snare hitting around 200hz and one higher, maybe adding a slight reverb to the higher snare would work nicely. Just a suggestion though... :smile:
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    Catastrofik - Stompin

    Anything Anyone?? :-/
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    Fishy - Taiga Wip

    Nice Vibes Man! Maybe bring out the mid bass abit more... Keep it up man!
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    Catastrofik - Stompin

    Ive had this tune laying about now for a while, only really mates that have listened to it, just wana get a few more opinions form other people... Its called Stompin, i have both a DnB mix and Drumstep, so yeah, let me know what you think!
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    Sanctuary 2010 Track ID's anyone??

    @ WhoSayReload? - Mate your a legend! cheers boss!!
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    Sanctuary 2010 Track ID's anyone??

    right ive been meaning to do this for a while now, can anyone put together some track listings for the original sin set and hazard set at sanctuary 2010? cheers for any help!!
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    Re: DIRTY BASSLINES EXCHANGE THREAD + HOW2! could someone help me out with how to create this sort of sound? ive tried and tried and tried but everthing i do sounds dule and borring, doesnt have the punch this does! any ideas?? Cheers...
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    Starting a new track...

    Naa man, you aint the only one. its all about stayin focused... but yeah, when i started, i felt the same way, lookin at that empty screen is daunting, i now just sit down, import a decent break as a starting point, try t make a quick reese patch, bounce that, then sample it, lay a quick...
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    Home Studio

    Yeah i recently upgraded too. went from a pc to a mac. Mac Pro Qaud Core - 8GB ram 2 24" cinema displays M-Audio Profire 610 M-Audio Midi keyboard just using some sony speakers and some kam speakers right now (Saving next for KRK's) using Logic Studio with Massive as my main pluggin right now...