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    Dutty Audio Podcast

    Nice one! I won't change it but I'm always trying to improve it tho. We used read all those shouts people wrote us on Facebook but that was getting too long to read over 50 names, so I've decided to stop it. Added a 30 mins guest special mix in the last two and started with the "one from the...
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    Dutty Audio Podcast

    Dutty Audio Podcast 015 Tracklist: 01. Calyx TeeBee - A Day That Never Comes (RAM) 02. L 33 - Scream (Eatbrain) 03. BTK, Maztek & Optiv - Footprint (Drum&BassArena) 04. Concord Dawn - Colourless (Uprising) 05. Need For Mirrors & HLZ - Nostalgia (Fokuz) 06. Ivy Lab - Gomeisa (Critical) 07...
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    Dutty Audio Podcast

    Hey guys, Hope that you're all well and enjoying the weekend. Thought about making a thread (and update it from time to time) for the podcast which I've been doing regularly with Optiv. Here is a link + tracklist for the latest: Dutty Audio Podcast 014 Tracklist: 01. Optiv & BTK - Let It...
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    Dom & Roland - Flux (Gridlok Remix)

    Thats on my bday!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    Bad Company - Planet Dust (Upbeats Remix)

    Thanks! I must admit that any BC tune is very hard to remix or improve... ;) :2thumbs:
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    Bad Company - Planet Dust (Upbeats Remix)

    NEED! :O
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    Maztek - Sinestesia

    Vinyl release is up to my distro... Not sure whats the plan for the album yet, will let u guys know as soon as I have more info about it.
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    Maztek - Sinestesia

    Forthcoming on Dutty Audio's Blend LP sometime in April if everything goes well :)
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    GVOZD - PIRATE STATION @ RECORD 04022014 - BTK Guest Mix

    Here's a guest mix I've done for DJ GVOZD's Radio Record show last night! Tracklist BTK (Br) guestmix 01. Neve & Bayou - Alligator (Dutty Audio) 02. Cause4Concern - LowLife (Maztek Remix)(C4C) 03...
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    Dutty Audio - Aftershock EP Volume 4 out 24th February

    Dutty Audio - Aftershock EP Volume 4 out 24th February Dayni - Extinction [ Dutty Audio ] Neve & Bayou - Alligator [ Dutty Audio ] Conduct - Cataclyst [ Dutty Audio ] Psyek & Negone - One Of Them [ Dutty Audio ] :shock:
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    Optiv & BTK - Shredder

    Those BPM changes feel breakdown works lovely in the club, I like it A LOT! :D
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    Brand new Dutty Audio Podcast 006 with Optiv & BTK is up!!!

    Brand new Dutty Audio Podcast 006 with Optiv & BTK is up!!! Tracklist: 01. Bohemian - Moonstruck (Dutty Audio) 02. Alex Centra - Collide (Breed12Inches) 03. Kantyze - Scarecrow (Disturbed) 04. Mindscape & Audio - Truth Hurts (Maztek Remix)(Commercial Suicide) 05. Rawtekk -...
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    Free downloads XMAS & NYE

    Hey guys, Optiv and I gave 2 tracks for free download coz we don't want Xmas to end!!! :violin: Jay-Z -Holy Grail [ BTK D&B Bootleg - Free Download ] Raiden - Scum On The Run (Optiv Remix) :giggidy: