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    Bluefire Presents... The Prodigy Mastermix

    Hey thanks for the support guys. Just wanted to let you know that there are better (i.e. faster) download links for this mix available at DogsOnAcid. Also, here's a link to the official thread...
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    Comatron - Silent Hill

    This rules. :twisted:
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    Baron "Hell Billy" & Visionary "Big Bad Sound"?

    According to CIA Recordings: CIA013 - Dec 9th A. Meet the Creeper - Baron AA. Hell Billy - Baron According to Chemical Records: Release date currently unknown.
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    Syntax - Coming for you EP (Reinforced 189) *Maximum 1992 VIBES!!!*

    Not bad, I wouldn't mind digging this EP out of a dumpster somewhere. :D
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    Chris Su - undying rmx - Dsci4

    This doesn't tell us much, but it's the next scheduled single release on DSCI4 (007). There is still at least one EP before that though...