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    Spearhead 100 Release

    well played, fokuz ep is also nice mate
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    Alix Perez - 1985

    probably that its somehow even better than the first edition. watch out for that bredren tune
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    Earplugs: -9 or -15?

    15's are the norm ive found - though even these are't enough really. would never go below 15, i wrote my dissertation on dj hearing damage and the loudness level results were shocking i assure you best to be safe than sorry imo
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    Upcoming Albums of 2018

    Quality is high on this LP!
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    Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)

    Why would you hope for a Still grey remix? No remix is going to top this timeless classic
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    Forthcoming Dispatch Releases

    Bredren EP also really great - Black Barrel is doing a Dispatch LP soon I think
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    Forthcoming Dispatch Releases

    Recent Arkaik & Sustance EP's are so good, Dispatch are killing it
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    Koherence - new mix series

    Easy D&B forum crew, Have started a brand new mix series, thought you guys might be interested; I know some people on the forum have been requesting audio from some of our forthcoming bits - there's some exclusives in here which you may find... nice one, would be great to know your thoughts!
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    Drum & Bass Spotify Playlist Links

    Made a playlist yesterday myself, check it here:
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    Good insight @demandrecords, i agree with most of what you've said. Interesting stats on the spotify plays - it will be interesting to see if there is a big shift towards this method of consuming music over the next 10 years The playlist has already got 10,000 followers in a day so any artists...
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    Forthcoming Shogun Audio

    I'm told no vinyl is coming on this one
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    Xe2 - Koherent Bootleg

    @Adelina @Snowyz - thanks for the kind words chaps!
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    Xe2 - Koherent Bootleg

    Hey dnbforum crew We put out a new bootleg as a free download yesterday: We got some great support from our debut on SGN:LTD on the forum so I thought you guys might be interested. Would be great to know what you lot think :) Nice one!
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    Koherent - Night Cycles / Minimal Clap [SGN:LTD]

    Will let you guys know when there's audio on that - nice one :) We both actually met through this forum so I'm glad this place is about!
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    Koherent - Night Cycles / Minimal Clap [SGN:LTD]

    Hey mate, glad you saw that set! That night was off the hook.. Yeah I know the exact moment your talking of when Lance's face went WUT?! No audio anywhere yet on that one, but it is a Koherent bit - more info coming soon :)