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  • Hey there.... ;)

    Come over to Disfunktional Radio and check us out..... we have loads of DnB Djs who are regular posters on here - you may see our banner in their sig strip quite aften...... Please sign upto our forum and make yourself known in our 'introduce yourself' section to see how friendly we all are over there...... members of our forum also get access to our mixes section, where we have pages and pages of mixes from A-List Djs and our very own residents.... look forward to seeing you around- please state i sent you over when you join up and post your into

    ;) :) ;)

    Timetable: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Disfunkt...showtopic=1694 (also with info on how t oapply for slots)

    I had seen you posting about B-Complex - Beautiful Lies.mp3 clean version, that You have it. I was wondering could You share that tune with me, for my use.
    Im searching for a downloadable clean version for few hours already, later Ive searched for a version to buy, but didn't find anything anywhere, even in hospital records. So I would be very thankful for response

    Kind regards.
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